Dualtron X Limited Electric Scooter

Speedometer Gauge Icon
Top Speed
113 kph
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161 kilometer
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83 kg
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Max Load
150 kg
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Water Rating
Not Rated
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Hill Climb
35 Degrees

Detailed Description

The Dualtron X Limited electric scooter is an amped-up sequel to Minimotors’ flagship Dualtron X. It’s among the best of the best. The dual 2000W BLDC motors deliver up to 113 kph top speed (depending on the rider and conditions). With the Easywheel system, separating the hub motors, you can more easily remove the rim or the ginormous tubeless tires. With 4-piston hydraulic brakes and adjustable hydraulic suspension, you’ll have excellent control and customized cushion against rough terrain. Improved technology + a legendary road warrior. This is as close to a racing-level vehicle as you can get in a production model.

  • The X Limited is an elite 83-kilogram performance vehicle with dual batteries, a primary 84V 60Ah LG battery and sub 11V 20Ah Li-ion battery
  • The primary battery powers the X Limited for a ridiculously long range of 161 kilometers
  • The sub battery powers the remote-controlled LED lights and 3 headlights, signal lights, and taillights
  • Ultrawide 13" x 5" tubeless tires, hydraulic brakes with 4-piston calipers, and hydraulic 29-step suspension make this road rocket soar
  • High-end features for a vehicle-grade experience with aviation aluminum alloy build, built-in handlebar extender, built-in steering damper, EY4 finger throttle, LCD display, and dual voltmeters
  • Backed by our 1 year limited warranty, we’ll take care of you, your ride and what you need, just ask our team

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Most Powerful Scooter Yet

84V 60Ah LG Battery + 11V 20Ah Battery = Insane Performance

Most electric scooters come with one battery, but the X is known for taking things to the extreme. With 5040 Wh capacity in the main battery (deck) and 220 Wh in the sub-battery (stem), the Dualtron X Limited has the capability to travel insane distances and hit hyperspeeds. With separate chargers and charging ports for each battery, it takes about 15 hours to recharge the main battery and about 4 hours to recharge the sub-battery. If you get an additional charger to use both charging ports (main battery), you can cut charge time to around 8 hours.

Minimotors EY4 LCD Dashboard: So Fresh, So Clean

The X Limited is the first electric scooter to come with Minimotors’ new widescreen EY4 display, which is Bluetooth capable and pairs with the Minimotors app. Moving it to the center of the handlebars and more than quadrupling the size of the anti-glare display compared to the EY3 LCD, there are colorful on-screen indicators for every function. It’s much easier to check multiple functions at once, like remaining mileage, cruise control, riding mode, battery voltage, battery percentage, odometer, speedometer, and temperature.

Unlimited Lights, Unlimited Street Cred

With 100 watts of front-facing headlights mounted on the X Limited electric scooter, you’ll illuminate the road for yourself and other riders around you. The stem has three 30W LED headlights and there are two 5W LED headlights in the deck. Another new design feature is the turn signals, including front and rear indicators integrated seamlessly with the headlights and brake lights. There’s also programmable LED mood lights in the stem, deck and swingarms, and even indicators on the rear footrest. If you’re riding the X with your lights on, everyone will see you coming.

Mastercrafted Minimotors Dual 2000W Machine

Using higher quality materials and increasing the motor magnet height in the X Limited, the dual 2000W motors are paired with dual 50A square wave motor controllers for the road-ripping acceleration Dualtron scooters are famous for. With 6000W max power, you’ll get up to 113 kph top speed, and that’s before you double-tap the throttle and push the output current up to 70A. The deck, which is 12.7 centimeters longer, was redesigned with heatsinks on the sides and underside to increase airflow and speed dissipation, so you can really push the X Limited to the limit.

Hydraulic Hype: Adjustable Suspension + 4-Piston Brakes

Minimotors gave the X Limited a more robust suspension system, with thicker springs that have a higher spring rate for better damping (X2: 13.4 kg/mm, X Limited: 16.97 kg/mm), resulting in ultra stable ride quality. With adjustment knobs on the front and rear suspension, you can easily customize for softer or firmer rebound while you’re riding. Now equipped with higher performance 4-piston caliper Nutt hydraulic brakes, the X Limited has more effective braking. With large ventilated 160 mm rotors and wider contact area, the reinforced 4-piston design increases stopping power significantly, and can help prevent the brake rotors from wobbling and screeching over time. Combined with the massive 13 inch ultra wide tubeless tires, it’s super smooth sailing on the X Limited. 

Commonly Asked Questions

All new EMOVE, Kaabo, and Dualtron electric scooters purchased through VORO and its dealers come with a standard one (1) year limited warranty. All other VORO products including certified refurbished models come with a 6 month limited warranty policy. For more information, please visit our Warranty Policy Page.

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