EMOVE Touring Portable and Foldable Electric Scooter

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25 mph
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51 kilometer
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18 kg
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140 kg
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Detailed Description

The EMOVE Touring is the most cost-effective commuter electric scooter we offer, and for good reason. A single 500W rear motor and 48V 13AH LG battery power this compact performance vehicle, which has a top speed of 40 kph and a generous range of 51 kilometers. Based on feedback from riders, the Touring has undergone several generations of upgrades. These updates include a longer deck with higher ground clearance for more comfortable riding, plug-and-play cabling so you can swap out electronics as needed, and posts in the deck for mounting extras. The Touring is a great entry-level e-scooter since it is adaptable, comfortable, and low-maintenance.

  • Compact folded dimensions of 109 cm x 20 cm x 29 cm (LxWxH) and light 17.6 kg weight make it easy to carry this scooter up stairs
  • With a quick-step folding mechanism, telescoping stem with folding handlebars, and option to add a seat, it's a great scooter for riders up to 140 kg
  • 8" tubeless front tire and 8" solid rear tire means you’ll deal with fewer flats
  • Safety features include drum and regenerative brakes, headlight, keyed ignition, horn, and deck lights 
  • With an IP54 water resistance rating, it's okay to ride this scooter in light rain

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Rolling Strong with Tubeless Tires

The latest EMOVE Touring models now feature an 8" tubeless front tire alongside an 8" solid rear tire, marking a significant upgrade for improved safety and performance.
The new tubeless tire design minimizes the risk of accidents through slower air leakage, offering a safer ride.
Despite the higher cost of this upgrade, VoroMotors has maintained EMOVE Touring's retail price, underscoring our commitment to delivering the best value and quality to our riders.

Customizable Control Center

The EMOVE Touring has a very customizable cockpit, with a telescoping stem that can be as low as 71cm for riding seated or as high as 101cm for taller riders.
We've enhanced the control experience with an intuitive thumb throttle, replacing the previous finger throttle. This scooter comes fully equipped with keystart ignition, a relocated voltmeter, horn, bell, light switch, and pull-release folding handlebars for comprehensive control.
Plus, our waterproof plug-and-play cabling simplifies component replacement or upgrades, like switching between twist and thumb throttles.

Ride and Superior Build Quality

Uneven surfaces? No problem. The EMOVE Touring features triple suspension, impressively absorbing bumps and shocks for a more comfortable ride.
Its spacious 56cm long by 18cm wide deck, complete with griptape down the center, ensures excellent traction and a 12cm deck-to-ground clearance, allowing you to effortlessly jump curbs.
The sandpaper-like grip tape keeps your shoes firmly in place. Built to last, the Touring supports riders up to 140 kg and offers incredible value for everyday use at an affordable price!

Enhanced Visibility: Lights & LCD Display

The EMOVE Touring steps up its game with a sleek white backlit LCD display, offering improved visibility for riders.
Another update is the relocated voltmeter for easier access on the left side of the front rim.
Safety is enhanced with comprehensive lighting: a low-mounted headlight, integrated front and rear deck lights, and a tail light on the rear fender, which blinks during braking, ensuring you're visible and safe on every ride.

Go the Distance

The 48V 13 Ah LG battery and 48V square wave controller give you 624 Wh of power, and recharges in around 6 hours.

Punches Above its Class

With a rear 500 W motor, you can climb hills with up to 15 degree inclines, go from 0 to 2 kph in 4.5 seconds, and hit speeds up to 40 kph.

Beginner Friendly

Repairs can be intimidating! The EMOVE Touring is not one to be feared.
All components on the handlebars are now plug and play, meaning replacing parts will be a piece of cake.

Low Maintenance Magic

Mixed 8" tires, including an tubeless front tire and solid rear tire, mean you can ride longer and repair less as most flats happen on the rear. Paired with rear drum and regen brakes and full-coverage fenders, the tires require very little maintenance.

Commonly Asked Questions

All new EMOVE, Kaabo, and Dualtron electric scooters purchased through VORO and its dealers come with a standard one (1) year limited warranty. All other VORO products including certified refurbished models come with a 6 month limited warranty policy. For more information, please visit our Warranty Policy Page.

All orders are processed and shipped out within 1-2 business days from the purchase date. This is where we prepare, pack, and conduct our standard quality checks before dispatching your order. For more information, please visit our Shipping Policy Page.

If you are experiencing issues with your Electric Scooter please reach out to support@voromotors.com or visit our Servicing Page.

Opened merchandise may be returned within 30 business days of delivery, and must have less than 10 miles of usage recorded by the device. A 20% restocking fee will be applied for all opened merchandise upon successful return. For more information, please visit our Returns and Exchange Policy Page.

We partner with Affirm, Katapult, ShopPay, and Klarna for financing. You can set up payment plans to purchase one big-ticket item or multiple things, like a new electric scooter, helmet, and other necessities. For more information, please visit our Financing Page.

Yes! We understand that for a high value purchase like this, you would want to see and feel the scooter. So, we decided to take it a step further and even create a chance for you to experience riding it before you make a decision. To schedule a test ride visit our Test Ride Page.

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