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Long Range Electric Dirt EBike 72V

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Check Out Best Selling Electric Scooters from VoroMotors Australia

Electric scooters are no longer just a fun way to get around – they’re becoming a viable alternative to cars for short commutes. And if you’re looking for a seated option, we've got you covered. Shop EMOVE and Fiido electric scooters from VoroMotors.

Full-Service Scooter Shop

In-House Electric Scooter Repairs in Australia

Electric scooter repairs can be difficult. Let our professional and experienced technicians do the maintenance for you! VoroMotors Australia has a full-service electric scooter repair shop in Chipping Norton NSW for on-site maintenance, upgrades and repairs by appointment. If you are comfortable performing repairs yourself, we have a large video tutorial library on Youtube to support you. Check out these resources for the best long-term upkeep of EMOVE and Fiido electric scooters.