Twist Throttle For EMOVE Touring


This new twist throttle kit comes pre-installed with a LCD display. Offered as an add-on accessory for riders that prefers twist throttle over the trigger or thumb type throttle. Hassle-free installation on your EMOVE TOURING electric scooter.

  • Please make sure your EMOVE Touring has the plug and play cable before purchasing
  • Custom prebuilt LCD display with twist throttle
  • 48V LCD Display
  • Suitable for EMOVE TOURING Electric Scooter only
  • Plug and play for hassle-free installation
  • No cutting or splicing wires required. We made it really easy for you to switch
  • Same P0 to P9 settings(Watch the tutorial here:
  • Handlebars will still fold with twist throttle installed.

Choose between 2 options:
1. Do It Yourself - Install the new twist throttle on your own after purchase.
2. Install Before Ship - Have our team pre-install the twist throttle for you and have the existing throttle packed neatly into a box before shipping out your new Touring order. (Fees inclusive of installation of twist throttle, suitable for NEW EMOVE Touring Owners)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Benjamin F.
Works as advertised and comes

Works as advertised and comes pre-installed

Noel P.
This scooter rides unbelievably. Very

This scooter rides unbelievably. Very smooth. The position of the throttle is in a great place. Packaging was very sturdy as well. Give this an A+++

Doddy D.
Easy to use and to

Easy to use and to control. Very sensitive so you need to stay alert.

Alex B.
Very good upgrade I recommend

Very good upgrade I recommend it.

Jeremiah K.
Great for those longer rides.

Great for those longer rides.

I bought the twist throttle preinstalled from voro, and it works great. It's easier for those long stretch rides where your finger would get tired with a trigger throttle. It's not as great for stop and go riding as the touring yanks a little (torque) when initially accelerating even with the soft accelerate on in the P-settings menu. When the scooter jerks forward, your hand will instinctively twist the throttle as you tighten your grip. This is hard to control when navigating around pedestrian traffic or on a sidewalk. The thumb or standard trigger throttle is better for those types of riding. Twist throttle is better for bike paths or street riding.