Dualtron Insider

Welcome to Dualtron Insider: a special portal for VORO Dualtron electric scooter owners. In this free, exclusive space, you’ll find video tutorials, including step-by-step demos for how to fix and upgrade Dualtron scooters. As a Dualtron Member you receive 10% lifetime discount on all Dualtron spare parts and compatible accessories.

Dualtron Pre-Flight Checklist

This video will guide you through how to make sure that you're ready to take your scooter out for a ride. Follow these step-by-step instructions and check out some important tips to keep in mind before your first flight!

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Dualtron - How to Fix Stem Wobble

After riding for miles and frequent folding, you can develop wobble. Follow along to learn how to fix stem wobble. Demonstrating on a Dualtron Storm, we’ll show you what tools you need and how to troubleshoot.

Don’t DIY? Have our professional team service your scooter.

Dualtron Storm Tutorial - How to Install the Steering Damper

High performance electric scooters get high speed wobble, but dampers allow riders to maintain better control. We’ll show you how to install this steering damper designed for the Dualtron Storm.

Don’t DIY? Have our professional team service your scooter.

Need New Dualtron Parts?

As a Dualtron Insider Member you receive 10% Lifetime discount on spare parts and upgrades. Shop by compatible scooter.
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VORO Dualtron Membership FAQs

What can I buy with my discount?
Your lifetime discount applies to all applicable accessories and Dualtron spare parts in our store, including everything from spare tires and chargers to new motors and batteries.
What do you mean by “dedicated” customer support?
When we say dedicated, we don’t just mean they’re here for you 24/7. We mean that you’ll talk to the same person, as often as humanly possible, every time you reach out, that way they’ll already be familiar with you and your scooter. In addition to live chat, email, and phone, you can stop by one of our brick-and-mortar locations for more assistance.
What does the warranty actually cover?
The warranty covers manufacturer defects of the main components of the electric scooter for one year from the date of purchase, including the motor, battery, controller, voltmeter and LCD display. For specific details, read here.
What are scooter mods?
“Mods” are modifications that you make to the scooter’s configuration and/or design, and can include installing a steering damper, upgrading tires or brakes, or more serious mods (like rebuilding the headset). For most electric scooters, modifications are restricted and some can invalidate the warranty.
Doesn’t modding the scooter void the warranty?
Not when it comes to VORO approved mods to Dualtron scooters! Our technicians can complete mods for you or you can complete the mods yourself, but approved mods would not void your warranty with us. We’re here to do the repairs for you, or can help walk you through the process in our tutorial videos.

Exclusive VORO Dualtron Membership

We already own the largest after-sales video support library in the electric scooter industry, and we plan to develop the most comprehensive Dualtron tutorials as well. Plus, you’ll have modification tutorial videos so you can DIY if you want. Ask us anytime, and we’ll film tutorials based on your needs!

World's Longest Dualtron Warranty

When you purchase a Dualtron, you deserve amazing coverage. Spending $1,000-$5,000 and only getting 6 months of warranty does not make any sense at all. We protect your purchase for a 1 year period. Check out our warranty policy here.

Dedicated Dualtron Customer Support

Instead of talking to different customer service reps any time you reach out, you get a dedicated person that’s Dualtron knowledgable, and knows any issues you might have had because you’ve already talked about it. One person for all your scooter solutions.

Lifetime Discount On Accessories & Spares

As you might already know, no one — even us — gives discount codes for accessories and spare parts. Exclusive for customers that purchase Dualtron electric scooters, you’ll get a 10% discount code for all Dualtron accessories and spare parts… for life!

Professional Modifications with VORO

Want a Pro? Our professional technicians can do the modifications for you at our locations. The best part? Unlike with most other electric scooter warranties, modifications that we recommend do not void your warranty!