VoroMotors Warranty Policy


  1. GENERAL TERMS. In order to take care of you and your electric scooters, VoroMotors ("VORO") provides standard limited warranties for all of its products in addition to in-store service and self-guided maintenance services. When you purchase a product from VORO or its dealers, you are acknowledging that you have read and accepted this limited warranty policy and understand your obligation to maintain the electric scooter.
  2. WARRANTY PERIOD. All new EMOVE electric scooters and Kaabo electric scooters purchased through VORO and its dealers come with a standard one (1) year limited warranty. If you purchased a Fiido electric scooter or refurbished electric scooter, it comes with a standard six (6) month limited warranty unless otherwise stated on the product page. All implicit guarantees, including without limitation the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a specific purpose, are restricted in length and in scope to the term of the foregoing express limited warranty. Some locales do not authorise limitations on how long a warranty can last, so the above limitation may not apply to you.  
  3. RIGHT TO AMEND WARRANTY POLICY. This warranty policy is subject to adjustment, amendment, and updating by VORO at any time and without previous notice. The Limited Warranty Policy's most recent amendment goes into effect on December 1st, 2021. 
  4. RIGHTS UNDER STATE LAW. You have rights in addition to those provided by this limited warranty and that may differ from state to state.
  5. WARRANTY AVAILABLE ONLINE. The limited warranty is available to read online at our website. It is also provided in documentation with the product (printed or electronic). 
  6. WEIGHT ALLOWANCES. VORO products should only be used in accordance with their product specifications. The scooter models have maximum load capacities that should be followed. Those maximum loads are outlined below:
    1. EMOVE Cruiser: 160 kg
    2. EMOVE RoadRunner: 150 kg
    3. EMOVE RoadRunner Pro: 150 kg
    4. EMOVE Touring: 140 kg
    5. Fiido: 150 kg
    6. Mantis Pro SE: 150 kg
    7. Mantis King GT: 120 kg
    8. Wolf Warrior GT: 150 kg
    9. Wolf Warrior X GT: 120 kg
    10. Wolf King GT: 150 kg
    11. The use of VORO products to support weight tolerances above those mentioned above is not permitted. If the VORO product is used improperly, or is exposed to situations outside of the weight tolerance, our limited warranty will be null and invalid.
  7. WHAT THIS WARRANTY COVERS.Beginning with the purchase date, we guarantee that the product will be free from manufacturing and material flaws for the duration of the warranty. This limited warranty is predicated on the expectation that our products are used in accordance with their instructions. With limitations, this guarantee covers the replacement or repair of the following original manufacturer parts (OEM):
    1. Motor(s);  
    2. Battery;  
    3. Controller;  
    4. Voltmeter;  
    5. LCD display, only at initial receiving of the VORO product; or  
    6. Throttle. 
    7. You may only make a warranty claim once during the coverage period for individual parts. For instance, VORO will replace the motor under warranty if it fails just once; however, any additional motor replacements required within the warranty period are the customer's responsibility.
    8. All electric scooters have suggested use and maximum load limitations, with estimated performance based on a rider weighing 68 kg on average. Taller, heavier riders will have restricted performance potential and can exhaust the scooter's system, even though most scooters can carry 100 kg or more.VORO reserves the right to reject further claims for the same components if it turns out that the electric scooter's parts are continually breaking down because it is overloaded.
  8. WHAT THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER.Both our one-year limited warranty and six-month limited warranty do not provide coverage for replacement or repair of the following:
    1. Products that are used in competition, for commercial purposes, or as rental units
    2. Screws, nuts, bolts, safety pins, and other similar small components  
    3. Scooter frame, lights, and button consoles  
    4. Damage or failure to products due to:
      1. Overexposure to water, heat or cold (e.g., left outdoors)  
      2. Normal wear and tear
      3. Use of improper cleaning solvents or chemicals
      4. Improper use and damage from accidents
      5. Negligence
      6. Improper storage
      7. Improper care during shipping  
    5. Damage or repair of any third-party accessories or parts
    6. Owning an electric scooter requires proper upkeep, use, and storage.For instance, if the scooter is kept in storage and the battery totally discharges, the battery may deteriorate to the point where it is no longer able to retain a charge. The guarantee does not apply if the scooter is improperly maintained or stored, leading to component failure. Also, the following actions will void the warranty:  
      1. Weather-related damage (water, heat/sun exposure)  
      2. Incorrect use of the product
      3. Incorrect repairs or diagnosis made by the customer or another third party
      4. Unapproved modifications to the product* 
      5. *Electric scooter modifications include changes to either or both the hardware and software of the product outside the spectrum of basic maintenance and can be performed by professional technicians or individual owners. If modifications are made by a VoroMotors technician, they are valid and do not void the warranty. If modifications are done by the customer with or without guidance from VoroMotors, it voids the warranty. 
      6. Please be aware that, unless otherwise stated in this warranty policy, the warranty does not cover labour expenses, shipping costs, payment for hardship caused during repair, or incidental damage to other property related to repairs.
  9. UPGRADES.The warranty excludes replacement items that are upgraded during repair. For example, if the scooter comes with a 600W motor and you want to install a 1000W motor as an upgrade, you would incur an additional charge and service and it would not be covered under the warranty. 
  11. WHO MAY USE THIS WARRANTY?This limited warranty is offered by VORO, which has its address at Unit 39 8-10 Barry Road, Chipping Norton 2170 (Australia), only to the customer who made the initial purchase of the goods ("you"). No subsequent owner or other transferee of the product is covered by it.
  12. WHAT ARE YOUR REMEDIES UNDER THIS WARRANTY?During the Warranty Period if a product has been deemed defective we may proceed with one of the following resolutions at our discretion: (a) repair or replace the defective product (or part) free of charge or (b) issue a refund for the purchase price of the defective product.  
  13. WARRANTY CLAIM RESTRICTIONS.on new and refurbished products, both our one-year limited warranty and six-month limited warranty include the following restrictions, which limit and/or void your ability to make a claim:  
    1. The warranty begins on the product’s purchase date. For example, if you purchased a VORO product with a one-year limited warranty on August 30, 2021, it will be valid until August 30, 2022. 
    2. The warranty cannot be transferred or renewed. The warranty does not transfer from a seller to you if you purchase a VORO product privately. Also, if you purchase a VORO product and sell it to someone else within the warranty period, the warranty is void.
    3. If the product is improperly used, that voids the warranty.Inappropriate use includes but is not limited to subjecting the VORO product above the maximum load capacity and any of the improper uses listed in Section VII of this warranty. 
    4. VORO reserves the right to decide whether goods are eligible for warranty claims. Only VORO's qualified technicians will evaluate claims for manufacturing flaws in parts. If the stated losses are the result of abuse and/or inappropriate care rather than manufacturing faults, claims may be rejected. If VORO has given the customer five or more complimentary replacement parts or repairs and has shown reasonable care throughout the warranty coverage period, VORO has the right to reject or void any new or existing warranty claims.
    5. HOW DO YOU GET SERVICE UNDER WARRANTY? VORO provides product repair services if they qualify for service. To qualify, they must meet the following restrictions.
      1. The product must be purchased directly from the VORO website in order to be covered by our warranty (www.voromotors.com). A verified sales receipt is required. Your warranty is registered with the dealer if you bought the item from one of them, and you should contact them directly if you need to make a warranty claim.
      2. The product was not used for rental, commercial, or competition purposes.  
      3. Warranty claims made by customers in Australia within 30 days of delivery are eligible for replacement parts, cost of labour for repairs, and outbound shipping at no additional charge.
      4. Warranty claims made by customers in Australia after 30 days of delivery are eligible for replacement parts at no additional charge, but customers are responsible for the cost of labour for repairs and any outbound and inbound shipping fees.  
      5. VORO reserves the right to deny or void a warranty (new or existing) if a chargeback is initiated on any purchase.
      6. The service for the product must be requested within the warranty period and ridden less than 10,000 miles to qualify for a warranty service claim.
  14. WARRANTY CLAIMS PROCESS.  Visit the claims page. To make a claim, visit the claims page and complete the form. Provide videos, images, order information and as many details as possible to support the warranty claim. Failure to provide sufficient supporting documentation may result in denial. Within one to three business days, you will receive more information about how to complete your warranty claim. Depending on the complexity of the repair, VORO may provide technical support for you to perform the repair yourself, or may ask you to ship the scooter to VORO for professional repair.  
  15. REPAIR PROCESS.We provide two main options for maintenance when you make a warranty claim: parts replacement (DIY) or repair service (professional).
    1. Parts Replacement VORO will send you the required replacement parts and will help you throughout the process by providing written instructions, videos, emails, and assistance on phone/video calls. If the claim is submitted within 30 days of the scooter's purchase, VORO will cover all expenses, including shipping the scooter from you to us or the parts from us to you. Shipping fees are charged to the buyer if the claim is submitted more than 30 days after the purchase.
    2. Repair Service (at VORO) For customers in Australia If your warranty claim is deemed valid but you do not feel equipped to make the repairs yourself within the first 30 days of purchase, VORO can arrange repair service and will cover inbound/outbound shipping, labour cost and parts. You are responsible for any incurred cost due to taxes, unforeseen part replacements and/or other third party costs. If you are near our VORO location, you can bring the product in during operating hours for maintenance to avoid being charged for shipping. If you schedule repair service after the first 30 days of purchase, you are responsible for cost of labour, inbound/outbound shipping, any incurred cost due to taxes, unforeseen part replacements and/or other third party costs and VORO will cover cost of parts. 
  16. PURCHASER’S RESPONSIBILITY.As the device’s owner, you are responsible for the performance and maintenance of your device. You may be denied a warranty claim if routine maintenance cannot be determined. In particular, you may be denied warranty coverage if your device or a component part has failed due to abuse, neglect, improper maintenance, or unapproved modifications. Routine maintenance includes regular inspection, upkeep, and replacement of consumables. That includes but is not limited to replacing parts on the wheels (tires, inner tubes, brake pads, brake rotors), tightening and/or replacing screws, proper charging and storage, and so on. The owner should regularly check and repair the product and store it appropriately for their usage. Many consumable parts are not meant to last the lifetime of the product and will need to be replaced to operate it effectively.  


Step 1: Visit the claims page here.

Step 2: Provide relevant videos and images as attachments along with your order information. Document as many details as possible to explain why you are making a warranty claim. When requested by our customer support team, supporting videos and images are MANDATORY to process your claim. Failure to provide sufficient information or supporting media may result in your claim being denied.

Step 3: Within 1-3 business days, our team will provide a response with instructions and/or follow-up questions to process your warranty claim.


You are in charge of carrying out the necessary maintenance as the product’s owner. If you don't make sure that all planned and necessary maintenance is completed, your warranty claim may be revoked.

If we find that your product or some component of it has broken down as a result of abuse, negligence, poor maintenance, or unauthorised modifications, this may make you ineligible for warranty coverage. Send an email to support@voromotors.com with any questions about your VORO product.


Q: Why does the warranty exclude coverage for water damage when the scooters carry ratings for water resistance?

A: Although our products are made to last, overuse, poor maintenance, and occasionally accidents (such as being caught in an unexpected downpour) can result in water damage. A general benchmark for how effectively an electric product is constructed to tolerate water (and debris) under various conditions is provided by ingress protection or IP ratings. Just a very small percentage of electronic items are water resistant for any length of time.

In order to avoid voiding the warranty, it's crucial that you do your best to dry off your product immediately after getting it wet and look for any water damage. Certain components, like the horn speaker for the Cruiser which is in the front headlight, do not have a purging function although they can dry out quickly or can purge the water.

Even on items with water resistance ratings, all electronic manufacturers have water damage exclusions in their warranties due to the device's potentially disastrous effects on behaviour and functionality.

Q: Why is your warranty limited to six months or one year? 

A: Due to the generally short lifespan of all electric products, we provide limited warranty periods. Despite the fact that six to twelve months may seem like a brief period, it is actually a lengthy one when compared to the industry norm. Many mass-produced electric scooters in the lower price range, like GOTRAX, have 90-day warranties. Sadly, it's frequently impossible to contact those businesses to file a warranty claim.

We at VORO are here to support you fully throughout ownership, particularly in the first six to twelve months as you grow accustomed to your product. There are real people available to take your calls, messages, and emails. Our team has a track record of providing outstanding customer service and is committed and knowledgeable.

Think about how frequently you change other electronic devices, like your smartphone, while choosing the warranty period. After a few years, technology and materials advance so swiftly that it makes sense to stop using your existing equipment. Our electric scooters (with lithium ion batteries) are typically used outside where they are exposed to the elements, at risk of damage from the owner, vulnerable to collisions with other items or people, etc., and typically have a short lifespan. Yet, owners can considerably extend the lifespan of their product with regular care and maintenance.

Q: Can I buy an extended warranty?

A: No, we do not have an extended warranty program.