Fiido Electric Scooter Accessories and Parts

The Fiido is a beginner friendly seated electric scooter that’s great for long-term riding, if you do the maintenance. As with all motorized vehicles, the Fiido performs better when all its parts are working well, and you need to check the brakes, tires and electronics regularly to ensure you don’t need any repairs. If you do, we stock replacement Fiido parts and accessories, so your downtime is as short as possible.

Parts for Fiido Q1 and Q1S

Find scooter parts for the Fiido Q1 and Q1S electric scooter in our shop. The Q1 has a front basket but no suspension, while the Q1S has a center bag and dual suspension. If your memory foam seat gets damaged, you can purchase a replacement seat. Also, you can easily add storage by purchasing extra storage compartments.

Accessories for Fiido Q1 and Q1S

We also have Fiido accessories that can make your ride a little more fun. Add a rubber ducky bell, and you’ll always have a co-pilot along for the ride. You can even get your Fiido a kickstand sneaker to give it a little swag and protect nice floors from getting damaged. The most parent-friendly accessory is the child seat attachment, which makes the Fiido suitable to ride with a small child.