Dualtron Storm Electric Scooter

Speedometer Gauge Icon
Top Speed
95 kph
Battery Icon
95 kilometer
Kick Scooter Icon
46 kg
Weight Icon
Max Load
150 kg
Water Drop Icon
Water Rating
Light rain OK
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Hill Climb
35 Degrees

Detailed Description

What makes the Dualtron Storm electric scooter so elite? It’s incredible build and insane performance has granted it the reputation of being the ultimate ultra performance scooter for anyone that wants the best of the best – because it is. What the 46 kg Storm lacks in portability it makes up for in low-maintenance, high-quality features, including a removable battery for convenient charging, huge tubeless tires which are less prone to flats, and 45-step rubber suspension for customizable comfort. The massive deck and rear foot rest are covered in grip tape for great traction, and the deck is conveniently pre-drilled to install a seat (if you need one for those 80+ kilometer rides). Let’s put it this way: if you want a scooter that can replace your car, the Storm has got you covered.

  • With dual 3320W hub motors, the Dualtron Storm top speed is estimated at 95 kph
  • The Dualtron Storm range is estimated at 95 kilometers with its Lg 72V 31.5 Ah li-ion battery offering 2268 Wh of capacity
  • With dual Nutt hydraulic brakes and 11” x 3.5” tubeless street tires, the Dualtron Storm has a very short tested braking distance of 3.3 meters
  • In acceleration tests, the Dualtron Storm went from 0 kph to 24 kph in just 2.1 seconds
  • The Dualtron Storm lighting package includes deck headlights, deck tail lights, a tail light with built-in turn signals in the foot rest, ground effects logo LED, and programmable LEDs in the stem, sides of the deck, and swingarms

Here’s the Dualtron Storm User Manual

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The Only Storm You Will Enjoy Riding In.

There Is No Calm Before The Storm

There is never a time when you can feel calm when riding the storm. Equipped with a torquey 6640W dual hub motor, the Storm brings along both speed and power on a ride.

EY3 LCD Display

The infamous green backlit LCD screen helps you read better under direct sunlight. More clicky all-around and provides a better water resistant protection to the internal motherboard.

Maintain a stable footing while your heart goes on an exciting ride.

Stability and comfort is just as important as speed. Why take the risk of falling over when you are travelling on such a high speed scooter?

Have the luxury of having both your feet comfortably planted on the deck while your heart goes on a thrilling and fun ride that you have always wanted!

11" Tubeless Street Tires

Larger tires are generally known to create a safer and more comfortable ride experience. Reduce the chances of getting stuck in small cracks on the ground, drains and any other weird potholes you might come across. Feel more guided, safer on these 11" x 3.5" bad boys.

Renewed Heat Sink

The second controller has been shifted to the back, with a built-in heat sink underneath the controller to dissipate heat while going on high speed rides.

Dual Charing Ports + Removable Battery

Charge this beast quickly with a dual charging port design. Reduce your charging time by about 10 hours simply just by using the second port available. Did we mention that it comes with a detachable battery? Quickly detach your battery via a battery lock for easy removal.

Better Control Over Your Brakes

Equipped with hydraulic brakes, you can now have better control and activation over your brakes. The Storm also comes with Anti-lock Brake System (eABS) which helps reduces tire skidding and tires locking up during an emergency brake. A feature that many high speed riders love.

Commonly Asked Questions

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