Returns and Exchanges

Returns and Exchanges Policy at VoroMotors

Items bought from an authorised merchant must adhere to the store's return policy and cannot be sent back directly to VoroMotors (VORO) unless there is a warranty issue.

The terms and conditions below apply to all electric scooters, excluding those bought on sale or as refurbished models through the VORO website.

To fully comprehend our conditions, please carefully read through our returns and exchanges policy thoroughly.

The Basics of Returns and Exchanges

VORO provides complimentary shipping for our customers’ convenience. For electric scooters, we absorb the shipping fees which can be very expensive given the weight of some models and complexity of delivery. As shipping takes time and expense, returns and exchanges are processed carefully and subject to conditions. 

For every request for return or exchange, we coordinate the return of the unit to our facility and inspect the scooter for damage. This is a labour intensive process. Whether or not we accept the return or exchange, we do not charge customers a fee for processing their request. However, return shipping and taxes are charged to the customer if you decide to return or exchange your electric scooter.

Our team addresses all issues as quickly as they can as customer satisfaction is very important to us.

Terms and Conditions for Returns and Exchanges

In order to receive a valid return or exchange, you must have purchased the product through our website or in our store directly. 

Unopened Products and Unused Products (restricted to electric scooter purchases)
      1. To receive a refund, unopened products must be returned within 10  business days of delivery. You will be charged an up to 15% restocking fee if the return is successful. 
      2. If you refuse the shipment when delivered, and subsequent attempts are unsuccessful, the scooter will be returned to us and you will be charged a 15% restocking fee. 
      3. If you receive the scooter and change your mind about the purchase, you will cover the cost of return shipping fees. 
      4. All fees related to your return, including restocking fees and/or applicable shipping fees, will be deducted from the total refund for your return. 
Opened Products (restricted to electric scooter purchases)
    1. We follow the 15 km rule. Any products that have been opened must be returned within 30 days of delivery and must have less than 15 km of usage recorded by the electric scooter’s system in order to be eligible for return.Note:Riding around 15 km on an electric scooter should provide you enough experience to recognize issues with the unit and/or dissatisfaction enough to request a return. If you encounter issues, please reach out to our customer support team for help. Keep in mind that if the unit arrived damaged due to the courier, it may be covered by our warranty or the courier. 
    2. The product(s) must be returned in good condition without signs of damage. The product should be returned in its original packaging.
    3. You will pay a 20% restocking fee, which will be deducted from your refund, if the return is successful. If any other fees are charged, those will also be deducted from your refund. 

How to Request a Return or Exchange

  1. Apply for a return or exchange using this form. 
  2. Review the restrictions regarding returns of electric scooters and ensure your product and situation meet the conditions. Upload supporting documentation and photos for the request. 
  3. If the return or exchange is successful, you will receive a confirmation from our team and will be instructed to ship the product back to our warehouse. 
  4. Pack the electric scooter in its original packaging including any inserts. If the scooter arrives with new damage due to shipment, it is the customer’s responsibility. 
  5. Once the product has been received and reviewed, you will receive a confirmation from our team with the details of your refund. We typically process a refund within five business days.

Receipt of an application for return or request is not acknowledgement of approval. VORO reserves the right to deny any return or exchange request at our discretion. Also, products purchased through an authorised dealer but not directly through our website or at our store are the responsibility of that dealer and cannot be returned to VORO directly. 

Restocking and Shipping Fees 

We charge a restocking fee of 15% to 20% for eligible returns and exchanges. The amount that is charged depends on if your package was opened or unopened. Typically, you will receive a refund of 80-85% the cost of the product. However, keep in mind that your refund may also be subject to shipping costs, transaction fees or any other fees required to complete the return.  

Whenever products are returned, we charge a restocking fee. Regardless of whether the package was opened or unopened, this fee applies. Upon receipt of returned merchandise, we inspect the contents to determine if additional fees apply. Here are some reasons why the return may be refused or additional fees may be charged. 

Clear Signs of Use or Damage

The condition of the product (electric scooter) should be the same as when it was delivered to you. If it shows signs of being driven, left outdoors, clear signs of abuse, or the odometer on the unit reads above 15 km of usage, that will be subject to deduction or refusal. If clear signs of use or damage are found, additional charges may apply. 

Proper Packaging for Product

It is paramount that the customer carefully packages the product to ensure that it is returned without unreported damage. If it arrives with damage and is no longer in working order because it was not secured in the box or parts are missing, that is your responsibility.If the product is not returned in its original packaging and/or suffers damage in transit, additional charges may apply. 

Restrictions for Returns and Exchanges

VORO reserves the right to refuse your return or exchange request at our discretion. Here are restrictions to our policy. 

In general, all scooter accessories and scooter parts are ineligible for return or exchange.Our return and exchange policy does not apply to any of the supplementary products to electric scooters, including accessories and spare parts. However, we provide the following conditions in which a reasonable accommodation can be met. 
      1. If the accessory or part does not work when you receive it, VORO will provide an equivalent replacement at no charge to the customer. 
      2. If a customer requests to return an accessory or spare part and VORO approves it, a restocking fee will apply. 
      3. We do not accept returns or exchanges if the spare part or accessory that was purchased is incompatible with your electric scooter, whether you purchased the scooter from VORO or another seller, as it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure compatibility ahead of purchase. 
If you do not have a valid reason for the return, your electric scooter may be ineligible for return or exchange. 
      1. Ascooter’s performance is not a valid reason for returning an electric scooter. We provide performance statistics based on the product’s specifications and testing with a 75-kg rider but actual performance depends on the scooter’s battery charge, riding speed, rider’s size and ability, road conditions, and weather. Claiming that the scooter’s top speed is too slow or range is too low will not likely result in a successful return or exchange. 
      2. If electric scooters are disallowed from riding in your region, that is not a valid reason for a return or exchange. It is the responsibility of the customer to know about local regulations related to electric scooters before purchase. 
If you attempt to ship the scooter to VORO before you have received approval for a return or exchange, you may become ineligible. 
      1. We must first accept the claim and have had contact with you to process the return or exchange before you send the electric scooter back to us. 

If the electric scooter was used in competitions, as a rental unit, or for commercial purposes, it is ineligible for return or exchange. 

If the electric scooter was sold at a discounted price, it is ineligible for return or exchange. 

Exceptions for Returns and Exchanges

Here are some exceptions that we allow for returns and exchanges.

If an electric scooter is damaged in transit, we will make an exception.Although we do our best to carefully package products for shipment, things can happen along the way. Shipping-related damages must be reported to the courier and VORO within seven days of receipt. If your product arrives with visible damage, please do the following:

    1. Collect evidence of the damage (photos, videos) and ask the courier to mark it as refused with reason “damaged”. Also, ask for a claim number. 
    2. If you are not present at the time of delivery or do not recognize the damage upon receipt, reach out to the courier and us immediately to notify about the damage. If you open the package for inspection, retain the original packaging.
    3. Reach out to VORO to get a support ticket started. Provide details about the damage and supporting evidence, including photos, claim number, and so on. 
Electric scooters returned under warranty are exceptions. VORO products have a one-year limited warranty. During this period, if a manufacturer defect arises, VORO will cover the shipping cost for the unit to be returned to us for repairs or exchange. For replacement units, we will not ship it out until after the returned unit has been received. 

Refund Sent to Original Payment Method

We process your refund to the payment method that you provided when you purchased the product originally. Unless you explicitly request the refund to be sent to an alternate payment method, it will return to the original payment method upon acceptance of the refund.