Electric Scooter Servicing

Our experienced technicians can handle electric scooter repairs for you. 

VoroMotors Servicing Fees

Electric scooter maintenance can be difficult to perform and require technical understanding. If you do not feel equipped to do scooter repairs yourself, you can ship or bring your scooter to our full-service repair shop. 

Our fees for labour and services are based on the parts and repairs, and how many hours of labour are required. Below is a scooter service menu. 

Important Terms: The time required and cost estimated will depend on the electric scooter and its condition. The prices provided are general costs and based on a vehicle that has been maintained. If additional repairs are required when inspection is being done, we will make recommendations and can often perform the repairs. Prices below do not include the cost of the replacement part(s) required for the repair. They do not reflect applicable taxes.

All servicing requests will take about 1-2 weeks inclusive of shipping times (excluding any unforeseen circumstances and delays), so do be prepared to be without your scooter for this time frame.

** All prices are for labour only unless stated otherwise. **

Service Menu

Replace Full Stem
(includes all components)

Emove - 2 hours - $310 AUD

Compulsory Pre-Repair Inspections & Post-Repair
Quality Check*

All Models - 30 min - $40 AUD

Shipping Fees (Back & Forth)

About $180 - $450 AUD
(Price depends on model & address)

Tyre Changing

Emove - 1 hour - $80 AUD

Replace Brake Pads

EMOVE - 45 min - $60 AUD

Brake Tuning

EMOVE - 30 min - $40 AUD

Replace LCD Display

EMOVE - 30 min - $40 AUD

Replace Brake Calipers
(Front & Back)

EMOVE - 45 min - $60 AUD

Tightening of Stem

EMOVE - 30 min - $40 AUD

Replace Controller

EMOVE - 45 min - $60 AUD

Replace Motor

EMOVE - 45 min - $60 AUD

Replace Horn/Light Buttons

EMOVE - 30 min - $40 AUD

Replace Voltmeter

EMOVE - 1 hour - $80 AUD

Install Twist/Thumb Throttle

EMOVE - 45 min - $60 AUD

Replace Stem Upper Base

All Models - 90 min - $120 AUD

Main Cable Replacement

All Models - 90 min - $120 AUD

How to Estimate Servicing Fees

Here's a sample breakdown of our servicing fees:

  • Shipping of scooter (inbound/outbound labels will be provided) | $180 AUD
  • Compulsory pre-repair inspection & post-repair quality check* | $40 AUD
  • Service: replace brake calipers
    • Brake calipers | $40 AUD
    • Service fee for caliper replacement | $80 AUD

Estimated charges: $180 + $40 + $40 + $80 = $340 AUD (excluding tax)

*If you received your scooter(s) less than 30 days prior to service, the compulsory pre-repair inspection & post-repair quality check fee is waived.

How to Apply for Servicing

  1. Connect with us on live chat/email. Provide us a description of the issue and parts which require replacing and/or repairs.
  2. Our servicing team will check on the availability of parts, labour and estimate shipping (and provide the return label).
  3. Package your scooter up well and ship it back to us for servicing. That's it!

Want help calculating our servicing fees?  Please reach out to our email support@voromotors.com and we'll walk you through it.

Servicing Restrictions & Conditions

In order to best serve all of our customers and maintain order in our servicing centre, here are our restrictions and conditions.

  • After service has been completed, we will notify you that your electric scooter is ready. We request that you pick-up and make payment for any products used and services performed in a timely manner.
  • As a courtesy, we allow customers to keep their electric scooter at our facility for up to 30 days at no cost.
  • If you have not claimed your electric scooter after 30 days, your service fee will increase by $29 AUD per day (daily storage fee) until it has been claimed.
  • If you have not claimed your electric scooter or responded to our team in over 45 days, VORO reserves the right to claim ownership of the electric scooter.

Want To Do It Yourself Instead?

With our library of extensive guides and vast variety of spare parts, you can do servicing on your own easily too.