March 27, 2019 3 min read

If you read our blog often, you should have already seen several articles in which we talked about the features of our electric scooter. It has a good contribution to the care of the environment, reduction in pollution that is causing so many health problems to people who live in urban centres, saving on fuel, and more. 

Today, we are going to talk about one of the electric vehicles most demanded by companies and professionals. Moreover, thousands of tourists who want to enjoy their holiday also use these two wheels vehicle: the electric scooter. 

First of all, you must know that an electric scooter is not a toy. It is a means of transport, yes, with a lot of fun. Some models are capable of reaching speeds above 60 km/h; even if they only reach 25 km/h, the accidents can provoke a lot of damage, both the driver and the potential person run over.

Disadvantages of the electric scooter

Like everything in this life, a vehicle with as many features as the electric scooter also has certain disadvantages. As you can see, these are not big problems, but it is essential to at least know about them: 

  • Low speed: This disadvantage is not common to all electric scooters. However, it should be noted that in some models, the electric bike has smaller wheels than a traditional motorcycle which can affect its cruising speed.
  • The charging time: Charging the battery of an electric scooter takes more time than refuelling for a scooter with a combustion engine. It is not a common disadvantage to all electric bikes, but in some cases and models, the battery of an electric scooter can be discharged more quickly at low temperatures.
  • Recharging points: the extension of the network of charging points for electric motorcycles is a pending issue that many countries still have, including the United States. However, with a large battery capacity in EMOVE Cruiser, you can travel up to 62 miles on a single charge.
  • Laws: Countries like Singapore, has strict laws such as registering the electric scooter with the local transport authority, in order to get a license and permit to use the electric scooter in public. 

Advantages of the electric scooter

Let's see how some of the main advantages of choosing to buy an electric scooter in 2019: 

  • Storage space: The electric scooter has an area under the seat that allows us to carry bags, packages or backpacks in any comfort.
  • Fuel savings: One of the significant advantages of the electric scooter is substantial for the pocket of the final consumer: the considerable savings in gasoline.
  • Freedom: Get from Point A to Point B fast, no more waiting for the bus, waiting for the taxi. Simply unfold your scooter and you are ready to go.
  • Ecology and respect for the environment: Every time we use an electric scooter we are contributing our bit to that ecological spirit that should be present in our daily lives.
  • Lower maintenance cost among many other differences with gasoline engines: The electric motor does not need to spend time or money on maintenance tasks such as oil changes, filters, etc.
  • Lower acoustic impact: Although some detractors of the electric scooter wield the argument that "it does not make noise" we have to keep in mind that noise pollution is one of the severe problems of the current urban society. It has been shown that street noise reduces between 30% and 40% the productivity of people working in the environment. However, the constant noise suffered by the motorcyclist affects his concentration on the road over time and to their levels of stress, anxiety, and aggression. Electric scooter, on the other hand, is less noisy.

I don’t know what you think about the electric scooter, but for us, it is a clean, fast and agile way to get around the city. There are many advantages offered by this way of driving through large cities. It makes more and more people prefer to move in this way.

If you want to know more about the scooters make sure to check out our catalogue on Voro Motors. We provide best-in-class electric scooter with safety lighting and ergonomic design. Get yours today!

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