VORO Partner Program

Bank 5% Commission for Referrals of New Electric Scooters

Become our affiliate partner Refer your family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances to purchase new electric scooters at VoroMotors, and earn 5% commission! When you are accepted to the program, you’ll receive a unique coupon code that offers your community a discount for a new EMOVE or Kaabo electric scooter. If you’re already singing our praises, why not make some extra cash for it? 

What you need to do  Submit an application to be an affiliate. You will receive further instructions or confirmation of your admittance. GoAffPro will send you a confirmation email and you can set up your referral link and coupon code in their portal. Once you have those on hand, you can include them in any content that you publish about our products and services. After your commission has exceeded the minimum balance, you’ll receive a payout to the payment method you provided. 

How to get referrals If you already have a YouTube channel, you could produce a scooter review video that demonstrates what you love most about your electric scooter. Throughout the video and in the video description, provide your referral link and bonus code. If you suggest the Wolf King GT electric scooter and someone uses your link to purchase, you’ll earn over $175.*

Here are the terms and conditions for our affiliate partner program.

*Please note that the following products do not generate referral commission unless otherwise stated: refurbished electric scooters, discounted electric scooters, parts, and accessories.

VORO Partner Program: Stay Active, Earn More

Partners that stay active and maintain their online profiles are the most likely to earn the most commission.Here’s the type of content some of our most successful affiliates have produced to promote our products. Developing informative, engaging and thoughtful content is the best way to gain confidence from your audience, and reap the rewards in sales. 

How the Program Works

Step 1: Sign Up

Complete the form to apply to our affiliate partner program. Update all required fields with valid information to submit the form.We will review your application and request more information if not sufficient. 

Step 2: Customise

If accepted to the program, you can set up your account and customise your referral link and discount code to fit your online persona. Get familiar with the GoAffPro platform and the features you can use. 

Step 3: Refer & Earn

When a person uses your referral code or link to make a new electric scooter purchase, you will get a 5% referral bonus. 

To avoid fraud, the referred purchase must pass a 30-day waiting period before it is valid. This is to prevent abuse of the program, and also reflect returns customers may make within the first few weeks post-purchase. 

Once your referrals have reached the $100 minimum, you’ll receive a payout to the payment method you provided. 

Step 4: Maintain Your Account

Limited Affiliates Accepted: Affiliate applicants must provide valid examples of how they will promote VoroMotors products and services and we reserve the right to refuse applicants upon our discretion. We also reserve the right to remove individuals from the program if the terms and conditions are violated and/or the individual has an inactive account for more than one (1) calendar year.