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EMOVE Roadster

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Top Speed
80 mph
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119 kilometer
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63 kg
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Max Load
227 kg
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Hill Climb
50 Deg

Exclusively designed by VoroMotors, the EMOVE Roadster is the world’s first carbon fiber luxury sport scooter – and it carves like a knife. Outfitted with a solid stem and steering damper for ultra-stability and durability, the Roadster is the best looking badass that you haven’t ridden yet. With a max unlocked output of 15,456W and twin 80A sine wave controllers, the Roadster hits 129 kph with effortless acceleration. The ventilated deck is a heat sink, cooling the battery and controllers more quickly the faster you’re driving. And you can keep driving with over 119 kilometers of range with the Roadster’s massive 84V battery. Its ultrawide 27.9cm street tires and dual hydraulic suspension provide the perfect response to uneven terrain, gripping the pavement when you bank around corners and steal the lead on straightaways. Constructed with custom-designed layered carbon fiber and forged steel components, the Roadster electric scooter is a level-up from anything else you’ll see on the street. And unlike other carbon fiber scooters that you might have heard of, the Roadster will actually make an appearance. Remember: It’s not foldable. It’s not portable. It’s not about that. The EMOVE Roadster Electric Scooter is a luxury vehicle with limited units available. Pre-order yours now. 

  • Features a detachable stem, VoroMotors TFT display, thumb throttle, nylon-wrapped cables, and backlit rubber button consoles 
  • Equipped with Magura MT5 hydraulic brakes, dual adjustable hydraulic suspension, and 27.9cm tubeless pneumatic tires
  • Has a 53.3cm long by 33cm wide carbon fiber deck without traction material, so even expert riders should be cautious
  • Has a bright high-mounted headlight, button deck lights on the front and rear, and a taillight with integrated turn signals for low-light visibility 
  • Capable of carrying riders up to 227 kgs and weighing 63 kgs, the Roadster belongs on display not in a trunk

This custom-designed carbon fiber scooter from VoroMotors will be produced in small batches to enhance performance and components with each batch.

$10,000 caliber scooter sold at half the price.

Faster Take-off Than the Boeing 747

Currently holding the record for the world's fastest electric scooter, this powerhouse boasts an astonishing 15,456W motor power coupled with dual 80A sinewave controllers. One standout feature is its rapid acceleration, going from a standstill to 129 kmph in just 10 seconds, surpassing the Boeing 747's 14-second benchmark. The Roadster is not just about speed; it's engineered for endurance. With a massive 84V 40Ah copper-nickel-infused Samsung battery, comprised of 21,700 cells and backed by a robust 180A BMS, riders can confidently venture up to 119km on a single charge, cruising at a comfortable speed of 40.2 kmph. This combination ensures that even the most distant destinations are within reach.

  • 0 to 100 kmph in 10s, surpasses Boeing 747's 14s benchmark.
  • Dual motors with a maximum unlocked output of 15,456W.
  • Effortless acceleration to a top speed of 128.7 kmph.
  • 80 amps per controller
  • 7000W per motor

Carbon Fiber Masterpiece

A fusion of aerospace-grade T300 carbon fiber and high-grade aluminum, the Roadster embodies strength, rigidity, and style. Unlike traditional e-scooters, its non-folding design ensures top-notch stability at high speeds. Built not just for display but for dynamic performance, the Roadster invites you to experience luxury on wheels.

  • Crafted with a nine-layer woven T300 carbon fiber construction.
  • The final layer is meticulously sealed with a high-gloss epoxy finish for an exquisite look.
  • Designed to last for a long time, the Roadster offers stability and comes with a detachable stem making it easy to transport and store.
  • Utilizes the same cutting-edge materials found in exotic cars and aircraft for uncompromising quality.

Street Dominator: Carves Like a Knife

The Roadster is a sleek street assassin with blade-like arms and a stealthy profile. Customize your ride with adjustable DNM hydraulic shocks and ride safely at night with integrated LEDs, including a high-mounted headlight. For swift and smooth journeys, is equipped with a heat sink and heat sink plate. This innovation transforms the deck into an efficient cooling system, extending the scooter's core electrical component lifespan. Dominating the streets requires exceptional performance, and the Roadster delivers it.

  • Adjustable DNM hydraulic shocks for personalized comfort and performance.
  • Reinforced neck for unbreakable build-quality.
  • Carbon fiber fenders for dirt protection and brake cable security.
  • Heat sink cooling technology for extended electrical component lifespan.

The First of its Kind

Experience the EMOVE Roadster's remarkable power and unmatched smoothness. Being the first to feature premium Magura MT5 brakes and incorporate a split rim design, the Roadster is truly a masterpiece. With its cutting-edge Magura MT5 brakes, it can swiftly come to a stop. The Roadster is a masterclass in power, innovation, and precision.

  • Leading the electric scooter market with premium Magura MT5 brakes straight out of the box.
  • Instant and smooth braking with Magura MT5.
  • Exclusive split rims provide flexibility for tire upgrades.
  • 3.5" TFT screen displays essential statistics.

Warning: Race Mode Activated

The Roadster delivers a pure adrenaline rush, designed for the fearless. It consistently runs on dual motors, offers five speed modes, an ultra-wide stem, and features a built-in steering damper for precise control in every twist and turn. Unlike traditional hinged designs, its bolted stem guarantees stability with no risk of accidental folding. With a spacious 21" by 13" carbon fiber deck and kickplate, riders have ample room for their stance. The Roadster isn't just a hyperscooter; it's an unleashed race beast on two wheels.

  • Unlockable dual motors propelling it to an impressive 80 mph top speed.
  • Five speed modes with a built-in damper for precision control.
  • Sturdy bolted stem design ensures wobble-free stability.
  • Expansive carbon fiber deck provides ample footing space for skilled handling.

Secure Your Spot Among the Elite

After years of dedication, the EMOVE Roadster has been meticulously crafted with unwavering passion and precision. VoroMotors was inspired to create not just an electric scooter, but a masterpiece that stands out in a crowd, resonating with both seasoned riders and newcomers alike. For a limited time, we're making this elite ride available to everyone, not just our existing customers. It's our way of expressing gratitude to the entire PEV community for their continuous support and enthusiasm. But remember, with exclusivity comes scarcity. The question isn't if you want it, but if you're quick enough to own it. Secure your EMOVE Roadster today!

Ultra Bright, High-Mounted LED Headlight

Tailored Ride with Adjustable Suspension

Precision Steering Control with Built-in Damper

Race-Worthy Magura MT5 Hydraulic Brakes

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