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i just wanted to be second but i think it will be a good bike if i do get it and that is also if my parents let me have it. i have always wanted a dirt bike i want to be a profesional dirt bike rider but my parents are crushing my dreams of becoming one :( so please can you give me a discount please dont you want your customers to be happy?

Great frame poor quality seat

Essentially paying for the frame seat is super flimsy can barely hold any weight bolts and nuts supplied should be black to match the scooter

Rear Basket for Fiido Q1
Therese Reuter
Awesome service

Awesome service as always and great product’s

Great little scoot.

Solid fun ride, great bang buck, 35kph with this 76kg rider.

Awesome product

Awesome scooter, loads of fun and a very reliable product. Although the only downfall would be that the headlight is a bit too sensitive to water but other than that it’s an awesome scooter to get around on.



VM Handlebar Sideview Mirror

Awesome service

Awesome and fast service

Solid bike/scooter

Very fast, found that the front wheel spins way too much and leads to a bald tire very easily - Managed to tune front wheel power down. Good suspension and comfortable, however had a few issues with the tires leaking air quite substantially.

Brilliant charger

Was skeptic due to it being a higher voltage to charge but it works very well, 1/3 of the time to charge, can choose the voltage if worried and never get hot and well ventilated, much better than the stock charger

72V 5A VM Electric Scooter Fast Charger
Andrew Hurley
Must have fast charger

Thank you very much. This is a great product and a must have for any long range scooter riders. I take it in my back pack to extend my trips with fast charging options out and about. Great product that does what it's supposed too.

Excellent seat

I’ve purchased two of these and they’re fantastic. Very comfortable to sit on, the most comfortable bike/scooter seat I’ve ever sat on. I would still recommend wearing padded bike shorts for extra comfort.
If you place the seat in the furthest back position you can even still stand on the scooter which is fantastic if you want to give yourself a break from sitting.
The only issue I’ve found is that the bolts that come with the seat are not quite long enough to sturdily hold the seat in, so I would recommend buying some bolts of the same kind that are longer. Aside from that however I would absolutely recommend this seat if you own an emove cruiser, it is fantastic for long journeys and the scooter also feels safer to use.

Highly Recommend Voro Motors Australia

Love this store.
We bought two EMOVE Cruiser S and cannot be happier.
Jim did everything he said he’d do and so helpful.
After sales support and communication is excellent as well.

I don't do reviews

Good bag

Voro motors

14 day review requested from Voro however still awaiting arrival of scooter. Hopefully arriving soon.


Hi Voromotors

I have been so excited about the arrival of my Emove Cruiser, but there have been a number of issues upon arrival which have disappointed me:

1. Adjusting the stem to the right height was extremely difficult. When I tightened the screw the latch wouldnt close so I had to close the latch and tighten the screw. In order to tighten it enough so that the stem didnt move up and down (very dangerous!) I had to use a wrench which wrecked the paint on the scooter. It was much harder than any other scooter I have worked on.
2. The Scooter had an Amercian power plug. The information manual indicated that there were both US and Australian power plugs available. When shipping to the Australian market, we should have received an Australian plug.
3. I havent yet managed to fold down the scooter. It looks very easy on the manual and on the youtube videos, but the release knob just wont come out. I've tried WD40 and oiling the area, but had no luck yet. I very much hope that I can do this, as I need to use it on public transport. its disappointing that its this hard. I've owned other Scooters before and had no difficulties like this before.
4. The one contact number for Voromotors Australia on its website and packaging isnt valid. When you ring it, it says the number is invalid. Then I tried the online assistant and got no response. You can imagine my frustration after having all these problems with the Scooter and not being able to speak to someone about it!

So all in all, very disappointed.


Hi Martin,
Thank you for your review and we are sorry to hear you are facing some minor issues,
However, they are all easy to resolve and we are always here to help:
1)Adjusting the clamp to be tight enough is quite an easy procedure but can get a bit tricky sometimes if you haven't dealt with one of this before, you just need to tighten or release the screw once the clamp is free , until you find the sweet spot that is not too tight and not too soft,
Also here is a video we have made on how to do this: https://youtu.be/if2RCP9siHo?feature=shared
if you still don't achieve this, we can organize a video call to help you out.
2)Apologies for the mistake and not including the AUS plug inside the box, we are sending you one right now as a backorder,
As we serve customers worldwide, sometimes our central factory may make a mistake, again we apologize.
3)Folding the Cruiser is easy after getting used to it, please see this video guide to help you better understand hod to do this: https://youtu.be/aUx3s8rBp-A?feature=shared
4)Contacting us is easy on our toll free number, we can guarantee it is active as we receive many call every single day, please check if you called the correct number and in working hours:
Phone:+1 (888) 851 9970 Monday to Friday. 9am to 5pm
However if this doesn't work for you, call us direct on our landline: (02) 9724 7491
Hope we can solve everything.

What charger volts/amps do I need to get?

What charger volts/amps do I need to get?


Haven’t received my thumb throttle scooter still in a mans house to fixed handed in to him a month ago not happy

Great service and fast delivery

Great service and fast delivery

Motor cable

Cruiser cable was in bad shape after 4 controller fails. Glad the replacement cable was available but surprised the hall sensor plug was not included and had to reuse the plug from the damaged cable.

could you help me?

I would need the same seat but it would adapt to the vnom bronco so I think 33 cm width, could you help me?

VM Handlebar Front Bag
kylie brander

Received bag and it's perfect for my tools etc.
Easy and quick ordering


Ordered just before Christmas and got my order on the 3/1/2024. Despite all of the public holidays delivery was fast. The parts I ordered fit perfectly. I would highly recommend these guys. I even made a phone call the day of my delivery with a small query and was dealt with fast and in a very professional manner. Thank you so much.

Amazing, Excellent, Terrific

I cannot say enough good verbal words about these guys at Voromotors.
All my questions were answered regardless of how many with friendliness and complete professionalism.
My emails and phone calls were answered promptly and nothing was too much trouble.
My item was delivered perfectly and my entire experience was stress-free and quick.
Never have I had such great customer service from the entire team.
On top of that they sent me a free phone holder and my scooter is so amazing and fun to be on.
I put a Buddy rider on the front for my dog and he loves it.
So does everyone passing by.
Amazing service, amazing products and I would highly recommend their services to anyone.
I live in Brisbane and my scooter turned up the day I asked it to with no stress.
Thankyou so much to the team and Happy New Year to you all.