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From the products we carry, to the services we introduce, we constantly listen to the feedback from our customers. Every additional feature that we introduce is essentially designed by our riders. Being able to listen and adapt quickly on the production line itself is unheard of in the electric scooter industry. Always Improving is the mantra we practice throughout our entire organization.

 The reality of the entire electric scooter industry

  • Established factories do not care:There are plenty of "established" factories out there, but the special touch and extra steps are just not there. They introduce a product, that product stays the same for the next few years - All problems that were reported are ignored. They wait for their next product release to solve aforementioned problems, and sell you an "upgraded model." 
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) factories do not care: Multiple "brands" are using the exact same frame - They are simply changing colors and placing a different brand on it. All of these brands have zero control over the OEM factory. The amount of scooters they get from the factory is not significant enough for the factory to give insight about setting up that extra step to check, or go beyond to add in additional hardware for them. Simple things, such as changing the screws can seem like a big deal for these OEM factories. They do not want to change their supplier just for 1 small brand, while every other brand that they are supplying, does not report their problems.
  • Industry is still too new:Up and coming players have zero or little control over the products that they sell. Changing the box, the color of the frame, the grip tapes - customers know that they are the same scooter. Problems with one brand will exist in another brand of the same frame.

So, what makes Voro Motors different from everyone else?

For starters, when a customer gives us constructive feedback on the product that affects their riding experience, we listen and recognize there is a genuine need for improvement. The feedback goes directly into our production team, we scramble behind the scenes to explore various solutions, and set up a production process to solve the existing design challenge of the product.

Here are some updates we have done this year to our existing products

1. Folding Mechanism Screw:

Riders go through bumps and uneven terrain, and vibrations from the ride cause screws to come loose and drop out of the frame. Although we provide a complimentary multi-tool kit in every package, we understand that sometimes the rider may forget to tighten them. 

We sourced for longer folding mechanism screws and added an additional washer to keep it tight.
We added a thread-locking process onto our production line, allowing the folding mechanism screws to stay as tight as possible.

 2. Riders want to replace their screws over time, and there are many screws of different sizes

Our technicians worked hand in hand with our photographer and web developer to come up with the most convenient screw catalog that comprises of every single screw on the scooters we carry. That's right - every single screw.

Here is what it looks like:
Screw Catalogue EMOVE

3. EMOVE Cruiser riders want to have more front suspension travel, and the old front fender is rubbing against the tubeless tires.

Although this does not affect the riding experience or the speed, we recognize this can be bothersome for some riders.

The approach that we go about for this:
  • Our existing riders must be able to use the solution
  • It cannot be too difficult to do. If we change the suspension, that would be too troublesome for the existing riders.
The team designed and created a new type of fender that would essentially resolve all issues our riders are facing.
We went through an elaborate research and design project with our team - This process consisted of a series of 3D printing and testing over the course of about two months. 
Below, you can see the very first half fender!
When designing this item, we took ideas straight from our customers - We paid close attention to what modifications they made, and how well they worked. Aside from solving the issues at hand, you have to admit - it makes the scooter look even better.
We could have easily offered this item for sale - it only makes logical and financial sense for companies. Instead, we offered them all for free as an upgrade to our existing customers! We genuinely care that you have the best experience with our team, and we want that for you.

4. Waterproof plug and play cables

The original version of the EMOVE Cruiser has a ton of cables where you need to unscrew multiple components before you can replace it. 
We switched all the components into plug-and-play style connections, so it becomes easy for our customers if you ever need to replace any components.

5. Increased deck length of the Touring, added seat option

With a lightweight and small scooter, it can be difficult for riders to balance on it. We recognize the issue and increased the length of the deck. 
Riders asked for seat installation on the Touring for an easier, more comfortable ride. We set up screw threads on the deck so that riders can easily add a seat to their EMOVE Touring. 

6. Throttle preferences

Some riders tell us the trigger throttle is not very comfortable, asking us if we can come up with new type of throttle to better fit their needs. Here are two other alternatives that we introduced for both Cruiser and Touring.

Thumb throttle 
Thumb throttle

Twist throttle
Twist throttle

Help us make your experience better

We are constantly improving the products, making sure that our riders have the best experience with us. When you purchase a EMOVE scooter, you are guaranteed that if we have a future update to it, we will keep you in mind.
If you have feedback that you want to share with us on the product, feel free to send an email to us at 
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