October 29, 2021 2 min read

Incredible construction, hair-raising acceleration, and stacked stats: that’s what these three new Dualtron electric scooters are all about. Here’s the lowdown on our three-quel of sequels: Dualtron X2, Dualtron Storm Limited, and Dualtron Thunder 2.

Dualtron X2 | $6490


Dualtron X2 electric scooter performance specifications graphic

Pre-order the Dualtron X2 Now

The rebirth of the legendary Dualtron X is 2XL all the way around, with an XL-wide stem for stable driving, and XL-sized 72V 42 Ah LG main battery to power the max 8300 W dual motors for extra fast 68 mph top speed. The Dualtron X2 is also XL in sheer size at 145 pounds.

On top of its massive battery, it also has an extra 12V 16 Ah sub-battery for all the lights and to power two USB charging ports (5V). Dual XL 13-inch tubeless tires, huge hydraulic brakes, adjustable hydraulic front and rear suspension, and built-in steering damper complete this supersized, raceworthy package. The X2 is a 2XL sequel you can only experience for yourself.

Dualtron Storm Limited | $5399


Dualtron Storm Limited electric scooter performance specifications graphic

Pre-order the Dualtron Storm Limited now

You can go big or you can go fast, or you can be both with the Dualtron Storm Limited. The Storm Limited electric scooter packs the biggest battery and most powerful motors in a Dualtron scooter, ever.

It’s got a fixed 84V 45 Ah LG battery for up to 136 miles of range, and max 11500 W dual motors for lightning-fast 74.5 mph top speed. With 12-inch RSC tubeless tires, 45-step rubber suspension system, built-in steering damper, Nutt hydraulic brakes, and ludicrous mode for an extra bolt of speed, the Storm Limited is an incredible stormcloud that you control. Find out more about how it differs from the original.

Dualtron Thunder 2 | $4299


Dualtron Thunder 2 electric scooter performance specifications graphic

Pre-order the Dualtron Thunder 2 now

It was badass when it premiered, and remains one of the best electric scooters you can get. The Dualtron Thunder 2 is like a Pro update of the original, stacked with upgraded, next generation features.

It’s got an upsized 72V 40 Ah LG battery for up to 105.6 miles of insane range. The max 10800 W dual motors offer a blazing 62 mph top speed. Dualtron Thunder 2 updates include a stronger stem clamp, 4th generation frame, new multiswitch, turn signals, horn, footrest that doubles as a handle, and rubber deck. This is a resounding evolution of the Thunder, and you’ll definitely hear it coming.

All three of these new powerhouse Dualtron electric scooters are now available for pre-order.

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