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Ever wonder how high-quality electric scooters are made?
We decide to unveil the curtains to let you have a peek at the production process of the new batch of EMOVE Cruiser Electric Scooters. Showing you the manufacturing process of an electric scooter. 

Production EMOVE Cruisers

Raw materials - This is how the EMOVE Cruisers look like in their raw form, before the cutting process. 7 CNC machines are in the facility.

After cutting the raw materials into EMOVE Cruiser body frame.

EMOVE Cruiser Unique Numbers

Each EMOVE Cruiser body has a unique number on the bottom of the deck.

EMOVE Cruiser Manufacturer

One of EMOVE Cruiser assembly lines. Oh yes, our place is very, very clean. Indulge.

Passion for Perfection

A way to ensure our drive for perfection. 
We should be able to eat off the floor of our factory. Cleanliness is just one way to reflect on our team's mission for perfection and product quality.
Here is a photo of one of our team inspecting all the newly cut EMOVE Cruiser decks during lunch break.


Screen printing machine - The EMOVE logo comprises of 2 color layers, the capital 'E' and the inner 'O' are separated - To ensure no color distortion. Screen printing is the most expensive and best method for high quality designed prints.

EMOVE Cruiser

High quality EMOVE Cruiser - No compromise.

EMOVE Cruiser BLDC Hub Motor

EMOVE Cruiser BLDC Hub Motor with pneumatic car-grade tires. No inner tubes are needed.

EMOVE cruiser tire

Pneumatic car-grade tires, no inner tube flats, ever!

EMOVE Cruiser Tire

We added XTECH Zoom Brake Caliper Internal Hydraulic Brake to all new EMOVE Cruisers. High quality stuffs right there!

EMOVE Cruiser Xtech Brakes Better and stronger braking, take control of your speed, a better way to tame these beasts.

Electric Scooter Manufacturer

Normally, the EMOVE Cruiser stem will be protected, protect it from scratches etc.

LG battery for emove cruiser electric scooter

We use genuine LG battery for all new EMOVE Cruiser Electric Scooters. 

Installing batteries for EMOVE Cruiser


EMOVE Cruiser Packaging

All our EMOVE products are very well packaged, from the factory to delivering them to you. We know the folks over at FedEx/UPS could be rough sometimes, so the best thing we can do is to implement as many preventive measures as possible, to ensure the most important item - The scooter is protected.

High-quality products are not cheap to make

From the expensive LG batteries to the high cost of labour, we employ really great engineers to customer service reps to serve you. Every shipment of EMOVE Cruiser to your doorstep is insured, we do not compromise to save cost.

We are unlike other retailers, who price low-performing specs at a ridiculous high retail price. At the price of EMOVE Cruiser with all the amazing performance and specifications, this is truly value for every penny.

EMOVE Cruiser is able to travel up to 62 miles on 1 single charge

In the long run cost calculation, based on 40 miles per day, 15,000 miles annually.
EMOVE Cruiser cost per mile = $0.099/mile
Car cost per mile = $0.52/mile (Data from Newsroom, not including miscellaneous fees such as parking fees.)

Total savings = $6315 saved per year

That is almost 6 times cheaper!

Public Transportation/Metro = $0.15/mile, do the math!

To get yourself an EMOVE Cruiser, click here

To download the user manual for EMOVE Cruiser

Disclaimer: VOROMOTORS is an electric scooter company.

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