September 17, 2021 3 min read

Kaabo, one of the best electric scooter brands, is known for building super fast, righteously stable machines, and the Wolf King GT isn’t just a different King, it’s in a whole ‘nother kingdom.

With dual 50A sine wave motor controllers and dual 2000 watt motors, the King GT is insanely powerful with ridiculously smooth acceleration up to 62 mph.

It’s enormous 72V 35 Ah Samsung or LG battery is designed to ride long range — up to 70 miles — with stiff front and rear suspension to stomp out those ruts in the road. And we’re talking motorcycle grade front spring suspension for the King GT; nothing but the best for this 115 pound masterpiece.

The King GT is designed for super fast, butter smooth sailing. By upgrading from square wave controllers to sine wave controllers and amping up the design, Kaabo has completely transformed the way the King GT rides, and it’s more than making up for its $3,595 price tag.

Let’s talk square wave vs. sine wave. Square wave controllers, the scooter industry standard, attempt to simulate a continuous motion through bursts of force that result in a square wave pattern and often torquey acceleration.

Square wave vs. sine wave controller infographic

The Wolf King GT has sine wave controllers that produce a continuous curved wave pattern, which creates seriously smooth acceleration and an ultra stable ride. Not only will you feel comfortable motoring at faster speeds than on other high performance scooters, you’ll also be able to maintain high speed more easily.

And, the King GT’s cockpit is a certified gamechanger. If you’ve ridden a Wolf, you know the stem is on the shorter side, meaning you might have to hunch over or have a racer’s low stance to reach the handlebars.

Kaabo improved the King GT by upping the scooter’s deck-to-handlebar height to 39 inches and extending the handlebar width to 29.5 inches, making it a more comfortable fit for most riders. With this upgrade, the King GT feels robust and balanced, even riding at its tippy top speed.

Wolf King GT electric scooter display, screen on

Not only are the handlebars in a better position, they’re also packed with some new components: a centered 4.2 inch TFT display, attractive button consoles with indicator lights (that really work!), and a premium thumb throttle. Together they deliver a stellar riding experience, providing the details you need at a glance.

The larger, more dynamic display makes it easier to view and select settings, like cruise control and advanced performance modes. You can also secure the Wolf King GT against thieves, as they’ll need to enter a password on the display to turn wheels on road. It’s a smart innovation in a clean design that produces a grand touring experience.

Kaabo Wolf King GT electric scooter in action, cropped angle

The King GT is well designed and super fast, but also strikingly safe. It has dual hydraulic brakes with huge 160 mm rotors that stomp so hard you might take a nosedive if you’re not careful. Paired with fat 11 by 4 inch tubeless street tires, you’ll avoid pitfalls and pinch flats better than most.

Then there’s the Wolf King GT’s legit lighting package, including dual ultra bright headlights, striking deck lighting, brake-responding tail light, and front and rear turn signals.

Kaabo Wolf King GT electric scooter, close-up of turn signals, lights on

Turn signals aren’t new to electric scooters, but ones that actually work are. It has front turn signals encased in the stem that coordinate with the rear turn signals (housed together with the tail light). There’s also indicator lights on the buttons to remind you they’re on.

The King GT plants itself right at the intersection of extreme performance and innovative design, striking a superb balance of speed and comfort in a herculean machine.

It isn’t just part of the VoroMotors Kaabo Wolf pack; the King GT undoubtedly takes the lead as alpha. If you can’t wait to preorder the Kaabo Wolf King GT, don’t. Preorder yours now: Wolf King GT

We expect a fleet to arrive very soon, shipping early October.

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