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Where do you buy an electric scooter in United States?

Tips on getting my first electric scooter?

How to you compare the gopeds/mopeds and escooters to them?

Any tips on how to select my first electric scooter?

Let's first take a look in Bird, Spin and Limebike electric scooters. 

where should I buy a bird scooter

xiaomi electric scooter sticker

It is an open secret that Ninebot manufactures the escooters that are being used for scooter sharing program in US (Mainly Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter)

XiaoMi Mijia Electric scooters are usually ideal for short-travel, about 2-4 miles. It's not ideal for riders who wants to go high speed, travel far, or heavy users. 

Due to the narrow deck and lack of power, you might find these Mijia scooters ineffective for pillion riding. 

So.... What are the specs differences and tips on what to look out for when buying an electric scooter?

1. Battery Capacity 

Battery capacity plays a big part in your travel mileage, if you're getting a scooter that has a small battery capacity, you won't be able to travel far, vice versa. 

Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter Battery Capacity: 7.8AH (6 miles travel distance)

eMove/Maxspeed IV/Speedway 4 Electric Scooter: 26AH - 30.5AH  (49 - 62miles travel distance) 

All other electric scooters: At least 10.4AH (18 miles travel distance)

There might not even be a need for you to own an electric scooter if you only need to cover a short travel distance daily, 2-4 miles. Escooter Sharing programs are everywhere on the streets to solve your last mile problem.

However if you need to travel longer distance, stronger electric scooter, you might consider owning one electric scooter. Given the long endurance mileage, you will get lots of value for your money spent.

2. Weight and Power of the Scooter

Heavier scooters are able to hold heavier adult riders, they also tend to have wider deck and wheels, providing stability during your usage.

If you're looking for an electric scooter that is light and portable, you may find eMove 2.0 ideal. 

The higher the power, the stronger your scooter is. If you travel environment tends to overcome slopes often, you will like to get the eMOVE Cruiser, Maxspeed, Speedway series. The smaller scooters will not have enough power to push the rider to overcome slopes.

powerful and high speed electric scooter

rider on a speedway series

3. Purpose

  • Work - If your scope of work depends on the electric scooter, example a delivery rider, you might want to look for an electric scooter that has large battery capacity. It enables you to carry out your delivery task without being afraid that your battery might go flat.
  • Leisure - If you're looking for something just for fun, easy on your wallet, you could go for eMove Touring series or Xiaomi Mijia.
  • Long-distance travel - Choose something with a bigger battery capacity (xx AH)
  • Short-distance travel - Choose something small and light, it will be easy for you to carry around as well. 

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