52V Sinewave Controller for Emove Cruiser

This is the all new 52V Sinewave Controller for the Emove Cruiser electric scooter

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Ian Browne

Easy to install. Provides a smoother level of control over acceleration

Mark Ogden
Sinewave controller

Defiantely more power and less noise and you can go slow too with out jerky starts. Only thing is I should have watched the instructions on utube first as it is much better to put it in from the top.

garth adams
Sinewave controller

Super easy install vs old 52 volt...way more room too pack in wiring..on stand sounds same with top end pull? Wont be on street for a month or two.. Canada based

Ian Carpenter
52V Sinewave Controller

Item arrived fast even to Jersey in the UK. My only issue is shoudn't have had to buy one in the 1st place as the controller on the Cruiser should allready have one if the obe supplied isn't man enough to do the job intended.

Virjon Brahimllari
I love it

My Emove cruiser bothered me from beginning for not having a smooth controlled start which I thought something is wrong with it. I decided to give a try to sine wave controller and what a big difference it made. No more jerking start, now I can ride it as slow as I want and finally regen activates as soon as I touch the breaks. I highly recommend it. This scooter should come with a sine wave from manufacturing, square wave controller is a joke!