Meroca Eco-Friendly Foam Handlebar Grips


The Meroca Eco-Friendly Foam Handlebar Grips are the perfect union of sustainability and comfort for scooter riders. These innovative grips are crafted from top-notch foam, delivering both a plush and durable grip on every ride. But what truly sets them apart is their eco-friendliness - the biodegradable, non-toxic foam material is gentle on the environment.
Installation is a breeze, with a simple slip-on design that fits effortlessly over most standard handlebars. And once in place, these grips provide a snug, secure hold, with a soft and non-slip surface that reduces hand fatigue and absorbs any shock encountered on the road.
The Meroca Eco-Friendly Foam Handlebar Grips are not only kind to the earth, but also to your hands. Their wear-resistant foam material provides a comfortable grip even in wet or humid conditions, while the two color options of red or black allow you to personalize your ride.
For those seeking to upgrade their scooter's handlebars with an eco-conscious and comfortable grip, the Meroca Handlebar Grips are the ideal choice. These grips deliver top-notch performance, reducing hand fatigue and providing excellent control, all while reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Advanced Memory Foam Technology
  • Ergonomic Designed
  • Anti-Slip & High Shock Absorption 
  • Material: High quality sponge - soft and comfortable to grip
  • Suitability: 22.2mm handlebar
  • Color: Black or Red
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Customer Reviews

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Jay Bagramian
Game changer

I have a wolf warrior gt love it but the original grips have me hand cramps after switching to meroca I can't express the satisfaction I now have since changing grips