S-Knob Locking Pin

This is a replacement S-Knob Locking Pin for the Emove Cruiser electric scooter.

  • 2 spacers included
  • Ships without the spring
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Lance Johnston
You should be handy

This scooter is a range monster that's what made me buy it although it has its flaws wasn't a problem when under warranty but it is no longer and the shipping and duty usually cost more then the parts to date I have had flat tire even though it's got gell in it all cheep fastener in front end have been upgraded from garbage ones it comes with the come lose every ride even with locktite primarily ones to do with folding mechanism after upgrading to 12.9 steel bolts with locktite no issues front suspension clunks over every bump when tires are inflated to manufacture recommend psi as a result one has snapped off on me new ones are in and I will make a rubber spacer to solve issue it came with a faulty controller brand new not impressed my brother's has gone through multiple controllers and a motor and lose wires in deck pin was loose causing issues and his deck lights don't work also one of my marker lights stopped working couple hundred kilometers in at the end of the day it is good for what you pay but do some research and own tools and know how to repair and do maintenance do not expect a scooter that is just get on and ride I have a gotrax aswell with over 2000 kms on it and have not had a single issue for less then half the price

Robert Y

Get these while you can

Donna Forrest
My Emove Cruiser is the best scooter ever

I love my emove cruisers sooo much. This weekend we rode over 70 miles. I love that I can lock them on a bike rack or around a tree and not deal with parking issues. They have been all over Sarasota, St Pete, Palm beach….we locked them on the bike rack and went to the boat show….drove past all the traffic….skipped the valet….went to the Breakers hotel…locked them on the bike rack…fort Myers beach, All over Naples….now I’m in Ohio, they have been on the coastal trail in Sandusky and at bike week😉
All along the black river trail, all along the 17 mile waterfront trails in Cleveland, we crashed the side gate and skipped the 20.00 parking at cedar point😇, they will go to Put in Bay and Kelly’s island before summer is over.
They make life a blast. All you have to do is unload them from your car, anywhere you go and you have instant fun. I love these scooters so much. My biggest complaint is the headlights are too dim. One scooter came without any bolts tightened and the axel fell off and my son broke his arm. It has been a terrible experience trying to heal his arm. I feel terrible for him. The other scooter came with everything tightened perfectly. You really have to stay on top of keeping the bolts tightened. We bought lock tight (not the permanent one) and tightened the bolts with lock tight. The axels: we went to ace hardware and bought bolts that lock
And replaced the old bolts to prevent them from falling off again. It was very sad that we did not tighten the one scooters bolts better than we did. It literally came with bolts laying in the box and several small parts fell off the first week that we were responsible for replacing. I hope my review helps save someone else from a serious injury.

Replacement part

upon contacting the scooter company, I immediately received first rate customer service with a promise of a call back or email if they could not solve the issue while I was over the phone. Respecting that I was on break at work and short on time the representative took my information in my question and promised to get back with me. When I got off work, I had a reply email waiting in my inbox with an instruction form for my replacement part.

Fantastic customer service that makes me want to come back when I’m in the market for another scooter.

Thomas W.
We have 3 scooters and

We have 3 scooters and love them, along with the great support we get. Thanks