Handlebar Folding Attachment

  • Compatible for both EMOVE Cruiser and the EMOVE Touring electric scooters
  • Does not come with the folding mechanism screws
  • Ships as a pair - Left and right
Compatible with

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
David L
In and Out! Great Service!

If you can get out to Brooklyn, parking is pretty easy. I parked right in front of the entrance, no problem.
Building's accessible with a scooter, and its an elevator ride to the shop. I had some structural damage from a tourist on a Citibike. I was lucky. My handle bar was busted and loose. I don't have a garage or workspace in my apartment, so augmentations and repairs to my scooter are not possible. So...I'd duct taped it together for the time being. Don't say it!
I take my 9 yr old to and from school everyday, I ride everywhere on this thing. I can get across town on a commute taking public transport 35-40 mins in about 10 minutes.
1 had expected repairs to take at least 2 weeks.
Probably longer as the parts got to be shipped from China or whatever. I assumed it was going to be expensive. I was not looking forward to not having my transport. At all.
I walked in. It was fixed, with parts in house, in about an hour. The price tag was more than reasonable.
Coffee shop downstairs while waiting. Fantastic, low key, can-do staff. They fixed the brakes (no shop at home) did a complete check. Brilliant.
Honestly. I have rarely been so grateful. My boy and I got our ride back. Thanks so much. David L

Harold R.
Product was as described and

Product was as described and quick delivery and great customer service.