Thumb Throttle with LCD Display Bundle


This new thumb throttle kit comes pre-installed with a LCD display. Offered as an add-on accessory for riders that prefers thumb throttle over the trigger type throttle. Hassle-free installation on your EMOVE Cruiser electric scooter. 

  • Custom prebuilt LCD display with thumb throttle
  • 52V LCD Display
  • Suitable for EMOVE Cruiser Electric Scooter only
  • Plug and play for hassle-free installation
  • No cutting or splicing wires required. We made it really easy for you to switch
  • Same P0 to P9 settings (Watch the tutorial here: 
  • Limited quantity available. While stock lasts.

Choose between 2 options:
1. Do It Yourself - Install the new thumb throttle on your own after purchase. (Suitable for existing EMOVE Cruiser owners)
2. Install Before Ship - Have our team pre-install the thumb throttle for you and have the existing throttle packed neatly into a box before shipping out your new cruiser order. (Fees inclusive of installation & thumb throttle, suitable for NEW EMOVE Cruiser Owners)

Thumb Throttle Kit for the EMOVE Cruiser Electric Scooter

Thumb Throttle for the EMOVE Cruiser

10% more precise voltage reading. Matches the voltmeter

Thumb Throttle with LCD Display for EMOVE Cruiser Electric Scooter - Front View

Back view of the thumb throttle - plug and play module

Back view of the installation for Thumb Throttle Kit

New display for the thumb throttle 

New LCD Display with the Thumb Throttle


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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Chris Weidner

Excellent but the mph reading is very inaccurate

Christopher Lowe
Thumbs UP for the Thumbs throttle!

Easy peasy swap out with the OEM trigger… worked well…. display was nice, wish it was a tad brighter, but worked for my needs. My thumb was happy.

Roger D
Voro Great Customer Service

My first escooter was a FluidFreeride Horizon. I ordered it on a Thursday... was emailed that it was to arrive the following Tuesday.

Shipping was delayed until the following week. When it was out for delivery, I luckily looked at the delivery status and it showed that FedEx was at the apartment building.

I went downstairs and caught the truck before it left. The driver did not want to drop off the boxed Horizon.

I ordered my Emove Cruiser from Voro's site late Saturday night. I was sent am email that I was to receive my Cruiser on Thursday. I was skeptical about the delivery because of the bad experience from the Horizon.

On Thursday, I got a knock on my door and I found the boxed Cruiser at my door.

Absolutely great receiving experience.

I have since ordered a couple more times from Voro and have had the same great response.

The Horizon is a fantastic scooter. But the Cruiser is even better.

I took a fall on my Horizon in the first week because it got a flat due to tire pinch. The Horizon gets challenging around 20mph... you feel the speed.

I have had zero issues with the Cruiser. At the Cruisers 30mph top speed, I feel safer than on the Horizon at 20mph.

I ride the Cruiser exclusively. I've ridden the Horizon once(I didn't want to risk my Cruiser)in extreme cold, since receiving the Cruiser.

If you are thinking about your first scooter, skip the Horizon and get the Cruiser. Voro's customer service was better also!

clayton frits
Easy swap

easy swap, has a slight learning curve but enjoying it so far.

William A
A good addition to the Cruiser

Bought and installed the thumb throttle today. Took me about 30 minutes, some may go faster, I go slow watching the video and rewinding not to miss anything. The cable is short and a tip I found was to collapse the right handle bar during installation otherwise you cannot remove the brake lever. I took the scooter on a 10 mile journey today, mostly flat paved trail. A huge improvement to the finger throttle which I thought covered the brake lever. The thumb throttle takes time getting used to, it is a little jerky jerky at the beginning until you get the touch. I have an average size hand and found that the thumb lever was not at the right position for my hand. In order for the thumb lever to be at the right spot for my thumb it would need to be moved more towards the center of the handle bars, but you cannot do this or else the right side handle bar will not collapse. So it seems to me that this thumb throttle was not an initial item with the scooter but an after thought. It needs to be re-designed for the ergonomics our your thumb placement. I thought of placing the volt meter on the other side of the handle bar to give move space to move more center. We shall see if I do this. A step up over the finger throttle for sure.