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63 mph
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119 kilometer
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52 kg
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Max Load
150 kg
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Hill Climb
27 Degrees

Detailed Description

The Wolf King GT from Kaabo is one of the fastest electric scooters on the planet. You can ride harder and longer as the King GT scooter has improved 50A sine wave controllers that provide smoother acceleration and are less prone to overheating. It has a huge rubberized deck that allows you to ride tall in traffic, and serious suspension on the front and rear to respond to uneven terrain. The Wolf King GT scooter also has wide 11” tubeless street tires with tire sealant pre-installed, so they provide excellent traction and are puncture resistant. As part of the grand touring line, the King electric scooter has a thumb throttle and anti-glare TFT display, which are great improvements for usability from the previous generation. Don’t worry about adding lights. The Wolf King GT has super bright headlights, front and rear turn signals, and a brake-responding taillight along with LEDs along the deck. Get your own to find out why this beastly expert electric scooter is so popular among scooter enthusiasts, and join the Wolfpack today. 

  • Comes in two color-ways (black or gold) and two tire styles (street or off road)
  • With dual 2000W motors, the King GT has a top speed of 101 kph
  • The 72V 35Ah battery gives you a range of up to 119 km
  • Equipped with dual hydraulic brakes, front fork suspension, and rear spring suspension
  • Has fixed handlebars (non-folding), rubber handlebar grips, and centred 10.7cm display

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Kaabo Wolf King GT Features

Long Range Riding

The Wolf King GT electric scooter has a high-capacity LG battery. With 72V 35Ah you’re getting 2520 Wh of battery capacity. That means you can ride for up to 119 km on a single charge. Compared to its predecessor, the classic Wolf King scooter, the King GT has 16% more capacity so you’re able to get more mileage each ride out of this high-performance scooter. 

Fast Performance

Pairing 2000W motors with 72V 50A sine wave controllers, the King GT e-scooter has highly efficient, seriously fast performance. The controllers are housed in the frontend with the headlights, which separates it from the battery, and results in better heat dissipation. Upgrading from square wave to sine wave technology, the Wolf King GT has raw power but smooth delivery. 

Intuitive Controls

The larger, centred TFT display is easy to read in direct sunlight because it has a full colour 10.7cm anti-glare screen. The smart dashboard also includes password protection, allows you to access all performance settings and preferences, and displays all of the important information you want to know in one convenient view. Also, the rubber button consoles are backlit, so you know which modes are engaged. 

On and Off-Road Tires

The Wolf King GT scooter has massive 11” x 3.5” pneumatic tires. They’re extra special because they’re tubeless offering the best ride feel in a low-maintenance design. Not only are there no tubes to replace, the tires have sealant preinstalled, so if you suffer any punctures you won’t lose air (or riding time). With hydraulic suspension in the front and spring suspension in the rear, you’ll feel confident (not bouncy) over bumps. 

Tons of Space

When you’re planning to ride for miles and miles, you need a solid deck to stand on. The King GT electric scooter has supersized standing room, as the deck measures 52 cm long and 22 cm wide. This gives you enough space to change foot positions, and help you avoid feeling fatigue in your legs. As a beast scooter, the King rides up high, with 20 cm of deck clearance. The tall height from the ground keeps the undercarriage from taking damage coming off curbs, and makes it easier for you to see others on the road.

Signal Brightly

The King GT has a cohesive lighting package, so you won’t need to add aftermarket lights. It has dual headlamps and front turn signals on the front fork, button LEDs at the front and rear of the deck, sidelights along the deck, and a brake-responding taillight. Also, the rubber button consoles are backlit, so you know which lights are engaged. 

Mad Speed

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Big TFT Display

Commonly Asked Questions

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Kaabo Wolf King GT on the track
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Kaabo Wolf King GT customer photos
Kaabo Wolf King GT customer photo
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