VoroMotors Adjustable Half Helmet


The VoroMotors Adjustable Half Helmet is a sophisticated piece of headwear, crafted for the daring and fearless. Its petite design offers a featherlight and cozy fit, ideal for swift journeys on your electric scooter. Wrapped in a resilient polycarbonate outer shell, the helmet is armored to withstand any impact, yet stylish enough to make a statement. The inside is lined with a moisture-wicking fabric, so you can keep your cool even in scorching temperatures. Did we mention the cherry on top? This helmet is CPSC Certified and is German engineered!

With its adjustable chin strap, the VoroMotors Adjustable Half Helmet embraces your head with a snug and steadfast fit, ensuring it stays securely in place during your ride. Its minimal graphic and matte finish are a refreshing change from the conventional headwear monstrosities. 

Whether you're a seasoned scooter rider or a newcomer, the VoroMotors Adjustable Half Helmet is the ultimate accessory for your electric scooter adventures. With its unparalleled protection, comfort, and style, it's the ideal choice for anyone looking for maximum protection with minimal design.

Helmet Weight:  1.12 lb (510 g)
Package Dimensions:‎11.54 x 9.65 x 6.57 inches
Color: Black (white trim)
Size: Large (L), Extra Large (XL)


VM Half Helmet White on PersonVM Half Helmet Black
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Customer Reviews

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Albert Orozco

Satisfied. It does it’s job, providing security knowing my head is protected. Also like the white trim with the black.