EY3 LCD Display Throttle


Original EY3 display throttle (plug & play) that is used on the Wolf Warrior and Mantis Pro SE electric scooter. The (Wired) versions can work on Dualtron electric scooters.

This item does not include mounting bracket.

Compatible Scooters:

Plug and Play

  • Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11
  • Kaabo Wolf King
  • Kaabo Mantis Pro SE
  • Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Pro


  • Dualtron Mini
  • Dualtron Mini Limited
  • Dualtron City
  • Dualtron Eagle Pro
  • Dualtron Victor
  • Dualtron Victor Luxury
  • Dualtron Achilleus
  • Dualtron Thunder
  • Dualtron Thunder 2
  • Dualtron Storm
  • Dualtron Storm Limited
  • Dualtron X2
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Customer Reviews

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Richard Saunders
EY3 LCD Display Throttle

Delivered part in sealed box to VoroMotors @1030 0pule St. store in Kapolei, Hawaii for warranty repair service.

Colin Roualet
No plug

Very difficult having to hard wire. Have still not complete. Would be much easier if it plugged right in like the wolf king did.

Jason Peoples

EY3 LCD Display Throttle

Nathan Garcia
Trouble shooting

There Response are quick and resolving the set back and me back on the road very awesome

An excellent replacement!

The EY3 throttle that came stock with my black Wolf Warrior X Pro got damaged and had to be replaced, so I ordered the plug-and-play version, since the other version is for Dualtron equipment. VM was quick to ship it out and it arrived in three days!

The replacement feels even better than the original, even though it is the same thing. The voltmeter is still a little bit off (67.2V is the true full-charge for 60V batteries, but mine always reads 68.1V, even though I tested the leads with a multimeter just to make sure that it was not going overvoltage.), but I have learned to simply subtract ~0.8V from whatever the readout is.