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Voro Motors Australia New Electric Scooter Store in Chipping Norton, NSW Now Open

Voro Motors opens its first electric scooter store in Australia in Chipping Norton, New South Wales offering free shipping and a full-service repair center.

How to Replace the Sine Wave Controller in the EMOVE Cruiser

In this scooter tutorial, learn how to replace the sine wave motor controller in the EMOVE Cruiser electric scooter.

VoroMotors Opens its Third Electric Scooter Store in Kapolei, HI with Free Shipping to the Islands

VoroMotors opens its third electric scooter showroom and service center in Kapolei, HI. Read more to find out why it’s the perfect location for riding scooters everyday, which services and products we’ll offer on-site, and why we’re giving free shipping to our customers in the Hawaiian islands.

4 Best Electric Scooters For Climbing Hills in 2023

Explore the best electric scooters for hills, including four of the newest and most popular scooters from EMOVE, Kaabo and Dualtron that tackle steep inclines. We tested! Watch the video to see how well they climb uphill.

5 Best Scooters for Adults in 2023

Learn about the 5 best electric scooters for adults in 2023 featuring the EMOVE Cruiser, EMOVE RoadRunner, Kaabo Mantis King GT, Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro, and Dualtron Storm Limited e-scooters

Dualtron Three-quel: Pre-order the Dualtron X2, Dualtron Storm Limited, and Dualtron Thunder 2 now

Incredible construction, hair-raising acceleration, and stacked stats: that’s what this three-quel of electric scooter sequels is all about. Preview performance and features for the Dualtron X2, Dualtron Storm Limited, and Dualtron Thunder 2. 

How to set up and use your Apple AirTag on an electric scooter

In this tutorial, learn how to set up and use an Apple AirTag to track your electric scooter, even if someone steals it.

How the global shipping crisis is keeping you from getting your VoroMotors electric scooter

What's keeping you from getting your electric scooter? Find out where scooters get stuck for 45% of the time before arriving in the United States, and what we're doing to improve QA and packaging standards while growing as a company.

EMOVE Cruiser Brake Tuning and Maintenance Guide

Today we're going over how to maintain and keep your EMOVE cruiser nice and tight. And since you're taking these longer rides because that's what the EMOVE Cruiser is really good at, there will be a lot of shifting and bumping, some stuff going to get knocked loose every now and again. So, you got to go in and make sure that everything is packed and ready to go.