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VoroMotors began as a retailer of personal electric scooters in our founder’s home country of Singapore. Since 2019, we have quickly advanced to become the top adult electric scooter company in the nation by providing exceptional service to one customer at a time and pushing the limits of excellence in our products. When Singapore placed a nationwide prohibition on personal electric vehicles (PEV), we decided to make the move to the United States. 

Our mission is to empower personal commutes – last mile and as a primary alternative mode of transport. Thousands of people around the world have ditched their cars in exchange for electric scooters, like our flagship long range electric scooter, the EMOVE Cruiser.

The general public started gaining more interest in e-scooters when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. With so many people afraid of exposure on public transportation, in rideshares, and so on, scooters are the perfect alternative. Unlike with shared scooters, owning an electric scooter means you can avoid cross contamination and low-performance vehicles. 

We developed our own line of electric scooters, EMOVE, after years of listening to real rider feedback. With our Chinese partners, we set up manufacturing protocols and quality control procedures in addition to obtaining raw materials for use in the manufacturing process. We don't merely apply a brand on a scooter frame. We develop and fine-tune over time. 

Since the EMOVE Cruiser was first released, we’ve continued to improve it, generation to generation, according to our riders’ needs and requests. For EMOVE scooters as well as Kaabo and Dualtron, we provide essential feedback that helps guide future generations of scooter development. For example, we upgraded from tubed to tubeless tires for many models, which is easier to maintain and provides a nicer ride. Before this, most models had solid or tubed pneumatic tires. Now that we’ve set the bar high, it has become an industry standard in performance electric scooters. Along with our popular stand up adult electric scooters, we have helped develop a new addition for another category, seated electric scooter, with the EMOVE Roadrunner.

What sets us above other companies is our dedication to great customer service. From 24/7 live chat on our website to a full video library of tutorials for long-term upkeep, we continually develop and adapt our services based on the needs of our customers. 

Every new product that we create and service that we introduce is the result of a driven team of people collaborating together to make each other's idea stronger - creating the best customer experiences.

Why Pick VoroMotors?

1. Trust our level of quality

When you spend a small fortune on a purchase, you expect a certain level of care. Our knowledgeable team ensures your scooter meets quality standards. 

To guarantee that our customers receive items of the highest calibre, each and every electric scooter is put through rigorous quality testing. This is why you infrequently hear about a horrible experience with us in regards to our products.

You will receive support from a whole team when you email us at from shipping and logistics to the technicians, operations, and customer support.

2. A real company with real people

We are the only business in the world that will react to your questions whether you have a flat tire on a Sunday afternoon or need assistance folding your handlebar on a Wednesday evening. We are focused on customer excellence.

If you want to reach us, try our 24/7 live chat. We’re always online, but even if we can’t answer your question right away, we’ll get back to you within one to two business days.

3. Largest scooter video tutorial library of all time

We produce one of the largest libraries of video tutorials for electric scooters in the world (if not the only scooter tutorial library!), and publish those videos to our YouTube channel: 

Why do we develop so many videos? For many new scooter owners, it can be very difficult to understand what’s wrong with your scooter if you’re new to the type of vehicle in general. As they are still a new form of transportation, there are very few electric scooter shops that are well equipped to repair all models from different brands, and fewer still with experience.

Instead of blindly searching online for what you need or attempting a repair without any guidance, you can use the video tutorials to perform maintenance and reach out to our support team if anything is unclear. 

Our in-house video production team spends their time developing content based on what our customers need and to support newly released models. 

Along with self-guided tutorials, we have a full stock of replacement parts and professional technicians to perform repairs for you. 

4. Supporting your scooter long-term

Not only do we stock electric scooters, we also stock most if not all of the component parts you need to keep it running, even down to the screws. 

We know things happen, and you might forget to tighten a screw here or there. Along with providing the parts, we have also developed tools, like our screw catalogues, to help customers know exactly what goes where. That way, you can either purchase replacement screws from us or find them locally. 

5. For the community

The scooter community is uniquely built of helpful individuals. If you’re not sure how to do a modification, which aftermarket parts you should add, or just want some tips, there are thousands of knowledgeable riders out there that are willing to answer your questions. 

Not sure if it’s legal to ride an electric scooter? Want to know which is the best at climbing hills? Ask the community for help.

EMOVE Owners Club: 

VoroMotors Owners Club: 

Electric Scooter Ohana: 

6. We’re really listening to feedback

Whenever we receive feedback from the community, whether that be via email, comment on social media, or phone call, we don’t just take it to heart, we put it into action. 

One example is the tubeless tire and half fender on the EMOVE Cruiser. When we introduced tubeless tires for better traction and lower maintenance, riders noticed that it was scraping the fender. 

Although it wasn’t a defect but more an annoyance, we developed four different solutions to allow the suspension to travel around the now larger tires without rubbing while also protecting the rider from debris. 

Instead of selling the half fender as an upgrade or only installing it on newer models, we offered it as a free hardware upgrade to EMOVE Cruiser riders. 

What other company has this unheard of practice? 

If you want a more efficient way to get to work or want a vehicle for cruising around town, electric scooters are the perfect eco-friendly transportation solution. 

Here at VoroMotors, we thrive on adapting to innovations in the industry but also developing new technologies and services to better accommodate our customers’ changing needs. We want to make everyone’s commute faster and more fun, and give the world an alternative to fossil-fueled, two ton vehicles. 

VORO, Inc. is currently an America registered company.

VoroMotors Locations

Our newest location in Chipping Norton:

Unit 39 8-10 Barry Road

Chipping Norton 2170



Our headquarters are in LA:

14350 Arminta St, Panorama City, CA 91402

Open Daily (9am - 6pm)

VORO (LA) +1 323-922-3329

The Other in NYC:

148 39th Street, Building 19 (Industry City), Suite B320 (Level 3, Unit 20). Brooklyn, NY 11232

Tues - Sun (9.30am - 6.30pm) Monday - Closed

VORO (NYC) +1 929-999-5851

The Third in Hawaii:

1030 Opule St Unit #3, Kapolei, HI 96707

Open Daily (9.30am - 5.30pm)

VORO (HI) +1 808-400-8883