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Need Help With Your EMOVE Roadrunner?

You've come to the right place! Here are FAQs and a ton of tutorials for maintaining your Cruiser long-term. You'll also find scooter upgrade tutorials for replacing the handlebars, swapping throttles, and more.

  1. If you're troubleshooting issues with your EMOVE Cruiser, here are some things to try:
    The first step would be to identify if you are able to turn on the key electrical components of the scooter (LCD display, voltmeter power on, throttle responds).
  2. Next, would be to test if the scooter is able to move at all. Check your P-settings to ensure that the "kickstart" feature is turned off.
  3. If experiencing an issue, identify which part is causing the issue. (Stem, Handlebars, LCD Display, Battery, etc.)
  4. Find answers to your questions below with your EMOVE Roadrunner video tutorials and FAQs.

If you are unsure about the issue or cannot find a suitable guide, reach out to our 24/7 live chat for assistance.

Setup & Maintenance Guides

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Tutorial Library

[Setup] Safety First! Everything you should check before riding the EMOVE Roadrunner

[Setup] EMOVE Roadrunner unboxing and setup

[Overview] EMOVE Roadrunner: key updated features, riding test and braking test 

At VoroMotors, we're constantly improving our scooters, and the EMOVE RoadRunner is a prime example. In this video, we walk you through how the prototype evolved into the first batch, and what we improved for the second batch of RoadRunner scooters (current model). You'll also see the RoadRunner in action in our braking and riding performance tests.

[Setup] How to charge the EMOVE Roadrunner

  1. The battery on the EMOVE RoadRunner is removable. You can charge the battery in the frame, but will need to pull cables to the side to reach the port. We recommend removing the battery for easier charging.
  2. To remove for standalone charging, turn the key provided with the battery to unlock it from the track.
  3. Grab the battery by the handle and brace your other hand against the seat, and pull the battery outward.
  4. Place the battery on a tabletop or other surface.
  5. Plug the charging adapter into an outlet. The indicator light on the adapter will turn green when it has power.
  6. Open the rubber port cover on the battery and plug the charging cable into the battery.
  7. When charging, the indicator light on the charging adapter will display red. When fully charged, the indicator light will turn green.

[Cockpit] How to adjust the handlebar height on EMOVE Roadrunner

  1. Using the Allen key multitool, slightly loosen the hinge bolt on the handlebars.
  2. From a seated position, raise or lower the handlebars until they're resting at a comfortable height.
  3. Tighten the hinge bolt in place, and use the multitool to adjust the angle of the brake levers, throttle and display, so they're in a comfortable position.

[Setup] How to turn on the lights, turn signal, and use the horn on the EMOVE Roadrunner

  1. On the left handlebar is a button console and the LCD display with on-screen buttons.
  2. Press the power button on the display to power on the scooter.
  3. Press the top light button (🔆 ) to power on the headlight and tail light.
  4. Press the left and right buttons to engage the turn signals. When active, the indicator lights on the button console will light up green.
  5. Press the horn button at the bottom to sound the horn (housed inside the headlight).

[Setup] How to switch between single and dual motor modes on the EMOVE Roadrunner

  1. With the scooter powered on, you can switch between single and dual motor modes.
  2. The R and I buttons on the thumb throttle control which motors are engaged.
  3. Press R to engage the rear motor only (single motor).
  4. Press I to engage the front and rear motors (dual motor).

[Setup] How to remove the battery on the EMOVE Roadrunner

  1. The EMOVE RoadRunner comes with a lockable, removable battery. You may want to remove the battery when re-charging or when you're locking your scooter up outside.
  2. To remove the battery, turn the key provided with the battery to unlock it from the track.
  3. Grab the battery by the handle and brace your other hand against the seat, and pull the battery outward.
  4. Reverse the procedure to install the battery in the scooter.

[Cockpit] How to install the handlebars and handgrips on the EMOVE Roadrunner

  1. Slide the handlebars into the neck of the scooter to make it easier to lift out of the box.
  2. Unfold the handlebars, seat within the frame, and secure into position using the fold-over latch.
  3. Remove the rubber stopper covering the screwhead in the neck of the handlebars.
  4. Using the allen key multitool that comes with the RoadRunner, position the handlebars so they're perpendicular to the front wheel, and tighten the screw to secure to the frame.
  5. Put the rubber stopper back in place.

[Cockpit] How to replace the thumb throttle on the EMOVE RoadRunner

[Cockpit] How to replace the handlebars and hand grips on the EMOVE RoadRunner

[Tires] How to fix a flat tire on the EMOVE RoadRunner

[Brakes] How to replace the brakes on the EMOVE RoadRunner

[Motor] How to replace the front motor on the EMOVE RoadRunner

[Electrical] How to replace the motor controllers on the EMOVE RoadRunner

[Lights] How to replace the front headlight on the EMOVE RoadRunner

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In your email and video, try to be as descriptive as possible to prevent unnecessary back and forth communication and to help our team be more precise when diagnosing the issue for you.

For example, if you are hearing a weird sound coming out of the tires, the video should consist of the "sound" that is being experienced. In your email, you should also include your order ID (Eg. #VORO1111) and modelso that we can acquire details of your order as quickly as possible.

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