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Welcome to VORO Help Center! We’re VoroMotors, your knowledgeable and friendly scooter store. We sell electric scooters, scooter accessories, and scooter parts, but that’s not all. Our experienced technicians and customer support team is here to guide you through the process of setting up, using, and repairing your electric scooter. If your scooter’s just plumb broke, we can fix it in our service centre or help you file a warranty claim. Below are some of the most common questions our customers ask. Let us know how we can help you! 

Here are some things to consider before purchasing an electric scooter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions our customers ask. Let us know how we can help you with your electric scooter!

Which electric scooters do you sell?

We sell electric scooters from top scooter brands EMOVE, Kaabo, and Dualtron (Minimotors scooters). We carry new scooters and also have a certification program for refurbished scooters. Online and in store, you can order or pre-order electric scooters and gear. 

How do I know which scooters are in stock?

You can tell which scooters are available now on the product page. Select the variant you want (colour or style) and look for the buying button. If it says “Add to Cart”, the scooter is available. You can find details about how quickly the order will be delivered and how long you have to return it near this button. If the button says “Pre-Order” or you are unable to use the button, the item is likely out of stock.

Do you sell adult electric scooters and electric scooters for kids?

Yes, we sell electric scooters for adults and have a large variety to choose from. Although some are suitable for older children, we do not carry any electric scooters for kids.

Are electric scooters waterproof?

No, none of our scooters are waterproof. However, some carry water resistance ratings known as ingress protection (IP) ratings that are used to categorise products by how protected they are from water damage and debris. All electronic devices are susceptible to damage when exposed to water and not dried out, as moisture can result in serious problems. Keep in mind that we do not advise riding in direct rain. If you happen to get caught in a downpour, we suggest carefully inspecting and drying your scooter afterward to prevent damage. In general, proof of water damage voids the warranty.

Is it safe to ride electric scooters?

Yes, it is safe to ride electric scooters and, as with any vehicle, important to gain practice to become proficient. Any vehicle becomes unsafe when the driver is using it improperly, does not know how to deal with malfunctions (including those caused by user error), and is unaware of what cautions to take when riding sensibly with traffic. 

Like bicycles, electric scooters need to be maintained regularly to run properly. It’s very important to become familiar with the scooter and how it works to ride it safely. You should also understand basic road rules that apply to bikes, scooters, cars, and pedestrians, since you’ll be sharing the road with all of them. 

Are electric scooters legal to ride?

Before purchasing an electric scooter, you should research what is legal use in your region. Some areas require a permit or licence, others cite for lack of helmet, and so on. You should find out what is allowed on electric scooters and where you’re allowed to ride them. 

Looking for information on a specific electric scooter? 

The best place to find the information about a scooter is on its product page. However, if you need help maintaining your scooter or making repairs, we have a large library of video tutorials on YouTube. Also, many of our scooter tutorial videos are provided in our FAQ pages organised by model.