EMOVE Touring 48V Controller

Original controllers for 48V Electric Scooters. Suitable for EMOVE Touring 48V Model.

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Customer Reviews

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Nick Heidl

EMOVE Touring 48V Controller

Replacement Controller

I got my scooter as refurbished at NYC location. I was so disappointed that my scooter had a trouble after 5 month of my purchase. I only rode for my 3 day commute and never rode in the rain...
I emailed to Voro Motors right away and their response was amazing! Their replies were always prompt and they answered to the details so it was very helpful! They told me refurbished scooter comes with 6 month warranty, so after they determined my motor and controller were causing the trouble (by me sending a video), they shipped me the replacement parts very quickly. They emailed me the YouTube links of how to change the motor and controller, so it was very straightforward for my husband to change them for me (since I am not so mechanic!). I still recommend to take some pictures before you take out all the wires though! Now my scooter is back on running and I enjoy my smooth ride :)
I also extended my warranty and they made sure I was able to do it through the link. I am so happy that I chose Voro Motors because of the excellent customer service and the great scooter of course!

Jasper Basila
Controller issues

Five star costumer service ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Aaron E.
Awesome response,, ordered parts and

Awesome response,, ordered parts and received within 8 days,,, I live in New Zealand, thankyou