52V Controller with Motor Hall Cable (2021 EMOVE Cruiser)

Suitable for EMOVE Cruiser Electric Scooter.

  • Controller for the EMOVE Cruiser. Compatible for Cruiser shipped after November 2019
  • Comes with the white motor hall cable 

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Andrew Davis

52V Controller with Motor Hall Cable (New 2021 EMOVE Cruiser)

Sean W
Replacement controller worked its magic

I have about 900 miles in my Emove Cruiser. Beginning a couple hundred miles ago the scooter started having problems. For instance, I would ride over a rough patch of asphalt or a bump in the road and the motor would cut out and I would have to release and re-engage the thumb throttle to get the motor to kick in again. As time went on, it would happen more frequently and I also noticed my scooter’s top speed was getting less and less. I wasn’t sure if the issue was the motor itself, the battery, or the controller. I decided to try first replacing the controller and it turned out to be the right decision. The Cruiser runs like new again and actually appears to be running better than before. I’m happy to be able to cruise around and save money on gas again. The only thing I’ll recommend for others looking to purchase this controller is to make sure you email Voro and have them email you the link to the latest installation video; the new controller is larger and, therefore, needs to be placed in the battery compartment instead of where the original (smaller) controller sits and the new controller also has a boatload of wiring that needs to be connected correctly and the video does a good job explaining the process. Lastly, when I was done and went to first use the scooter I found that the motor was running in reverse rather than in the correct direction. It turned out that two of the three colored wires leading from the controller to the motor needed to be swapped (originally these three wires (yellow, green, and blue) needed to be connected to the same respective color; i.e. the yellow controller wire connects to the yellow motor wire, the blue to the blue, etc. However, in my case I had to swap the green and blue wires in order to get the rear wheel motor to spin in the correct direction; i.e. I had to connect the blue controller wire to the green motor wire and the green controller wire to the blue motor wire (the yellow wires remained the same and were connected to each other). Once I did that, the scooter was up and running correctly and I’ve been cruising around ever since!
Highly recommended if you’re having the same issues I was having

Anthony Alvarez

52V Controller with Motor Hall Cable (New 2021 EMOVE Cruiser)

wyatt buxton
works on pre 2019 scooters

Very difficult to fit in the available space, it will take some expert cable management. 4 stars not 5 because of the high difficulty of fit.

Chris F - Seattle
After sale Tech Support - Top Notch

About four months after purchase, my Emove developed a glitch to where it would sporadically limit its high speed to about 15 MPH.
I contacted tech support via email and they quickly determined that it was the main CPU had failed. They offered to either do the repair or ship the part for free. I felt it was a simple enough repair so I opted for option B. The part arrived promptly and the video guidance was super easy to follow. In less than 1 hour I had my scooter back up and running with a brand new CPU. It incidentally had a few upgrades and my motor braking is now working much better than on the old one.
Thank you for your excellent and speedy support!
Chris F