Grip Tape for Dualtron Storm

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This is Grip Tape for Dualtron Storm electric scooters. Easily replace worn out griptape by removing the old one and sticking a new sheet on the deck.

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Customer Reviews

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Davis Abreu

Awesome, I appreciate it

Gregory Suto
Good grip tape but…..

Be weary on how you clean it. If you do what I did which was use a stiff bristled white plastic scrub brush with mr clean clean freak the color from the brush will transfer to the grip tape and lighten the grip tape. I believe the batteries are water proof so if you ise a black stiff bristled brush and turn the battery vertical with the charge ports upright the use a spray bottle to mist plain water onto it you should be able to scrub downwards and the water will drip off.

I have been using a stiff bristle white brush on its own to get dirt off but it takes its toll on the color.

My new grip tape replacement is well worth the price. I think the entire kit for both the deck and kick plate are priced greatly. I am going to do some research on how to clean grip tape. There are probably better products out there designed to do so. Ill start with getting a black bristled brush.

Voro is great. Their customer service is great.

Dualtron storm Oem parts

Grip tape fit perfectly on my dualtron storm

Dan Martin
Awesome Grip Tape

Made my Dualtron Storm look new again. Awesome quality, before and after pics.