Half Fender for the EMOVE Cruiser Electric Scooter

All 2020 and later Cruisers come default with a half fender, please do not purchase this unless you would like to have one as a spare.

When we first introduced the tubeless car-grade tires on the EMOVE Cruiser, it sets a new standard for electric scooter industry as a whole - Tubed tire flats are a thing of a past. However, because the tubeless tire is wider by 1.75" than traditional tires, it tends to rub the original fender by a tiny amount. While this do not affect the riding experience at all, it was quite bothersome for some.

We designed 4 different solutions to this challenge and came up with the half fender. It allows the rider to have more suspension travel, protect against mud and water splashes, at the same time solving the tire rubbing issue.

Not only we follow through the entire R&D and mass production process, we did not sell the fender. It makes a lot of business sense for us to retail the half-fender as an accessory, but we go against the popular choice by offering it to all of our EMOVE riders for free as a hardware upgrade.

This half fender release is a perfect example of the dedicated effort from our team that not only we listen to every feedback from our riders, we go above and beyond to come up with solutions and the solution has our past riders in mind as well.

Thank you for choosing the EMOVE Cruiser and our team. We are constantly working on refining the products. The EMOVE line of scooters is the only brand in the world that has went through multiple iterations and updates over the years. We are proud to be able to share this hardware upgrade to all of our EMOVE riders.


  • Sexier look
  • Tire rubbing the fender is an issue of the past
  • Wider size for tubeless tires
  • More clearance for your suspension to depress
  • More than 2000 Cruiser owners received this product upgrade, free of charge.
  • Shipped without the screws - Please make sure you still have the original screws for front fender.
Half Fender
Half Fender - Side View
Half Fender - Orange
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Steve Wiser
Half Fender for Emove Cruiser

Very easy to install, works and looks great!

Jim Fossi
Read the fine print

I ordered because I thought it came without. The only reason I don’t have an extra rear one also is because they were out of stock.

Jose Sanchez

Nice look,create new for rear

Yohann Soussan
It does the job in any situation snowy road or rain

It’s really a nice fender light and Unnoticeable and mainly it does the job in all condition . I have to admit voro motore has great customer service

Hi Yohann,

Thank you for your review and for your feedback about the half fender! The half fender was actually designed based off of feedback from our customers. We are happy to hear that you like it!

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have, we will be happy to help.

Gunnar H.
Works as intended

Voro sent this to me for free months after I bought my scooter. I was impressed at the time for that kind of commitment to there customers. Hopefully they redesign the rear fender because my rear fender has broken twice just from hitting small bumps in the road. I removed the rear fender for this reason and ride without one now.