Mantis Rear Fender Extension


Install this fender extension if you are looking to change your Mantis tires to 3" wide sized tires.

  • Compatible as the rear fender only
  • Ship 1 only
  • Unscrew the side nuts in order to install this. Keep in mind that the side nuts are loctite and screwed on very tightly, so it might be challenging for you to remove the nuts without the necessary tools.
  • Mounting Bracket Dimensions: 127mm x 37mm x 23mm


  • Do-It-Yourself: This fender will be included in the package but not installed on the scooter
  • Preinstall for me: Our tech team will be install this on your Mantis Pro SE before packaging it for shipment. This is the most convenient option as you will not be worried about installing it wrongly or have a difficult time installing it.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jax Johnson
Very good

Very good no more wet pants and backpack

Does not fit 3" tire

Its advertised to fit 3" tires, it does not. Do not buy unless you are using the standard 2.5" tires.

Andrew Downey
Useful accessory

I ordered a mantis fender extender and handlebar extension. Both arrived quickly and there were no issues getting them installed. No more water/mud being sprayed on my back!

Luis Suica
Buen producto

Muy buen producto … sin esto en días de lluvia a uno lo moja por completo.. esto me ayudó mucho hoy llueva oh no puedo salir y a disfrutar se a dicho

Javier Vento
Awesome accessory

Fender extension was very easy to install. Looks great and very functional. No longer get sprayed when riding over puddles.