Rotatable Rear Side View Mirror for Electric Scooters

Rear View Side Mirrors with rotatable arm.

  • Length: 37.5cm
  • Compatible with: EMOVE Cruiser, ORCA Mark I, and EMOVE Touring Electric Scooters
  • Fits: Electric Bikes, Bicycles 
  • Sold in a single unit
Compatible with
Rear View Mirror Grip Dimension
Rear Side View Mirrors For Handlebar

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Jalen Lloyd

can you restock these

Allan Wong

Rotatable Rear Side View Mirror for Electric Scooters.

Like on my motorcycle, I need this mirror to ride safe

Great product, to commute, riding on street, you must have mirror(s) to see the back. The only issue is when I ride on sidewalk with strong bumps, it is rotating easy.

Kenneth Applewhaite
Awesome scooter

I’m 6-2 260 and this is now how I travel to work. Love it!

Mark Larsen
Are you a rabbit?

Then your eyes on the side of your head will give you the widest possible field of view, and you would be wasting your money. Human? Investing in this flexible and durable safety add-on can save your life.