48V Thumb Throttle with LCD Display


This new thumb throttle kit comes pre-installed with a LCD display. Offered as an add-on accessory for riders that prefers thumb throttle over the trigger type throttle. Hassle-free installation on your EMOVE Touring electric scooter. 

  • Custom prebuilt LCD display with thumb throttle
  • 48V LCD Display
  • Suitable for EMOVE Touring Electric Scooter only
  • Plug and play for hassle-free installation
  • No cutting or splicing wires required. We made it really easy for you to switch
  • Same P0 to P9 settings (Watch the tutorial here: https://youtu.be/mTIPLIjOeUI) 
  • Limited quantity available. While stock lasts.
  • Please choose the right option for your scooter.

Choose between 2 options:
1. Do It Yourself - Install the new thumb throttle on your own after purchase. (Suitable for existing EMOVE Touring owners)
2. Install Before Ship - Have our team pre-install the thumb throttle for you and have the existing throttle packed neatly into a box before shipping out your new Touring order. (Fees inclusive of installation & thumb throttle, suitable for NEW EMOVE Touring Owners)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Glenn Giron
Much More Comfortable and a TON safer!

All the comfort of using cruise control with more driver control. I personally don't like cruise control as I like to ease to a stop and let off the throttle gradually, but the trigger finger wasn't the most comfortable to use.

Safety wise - both hands can now hover over the brakes. With the trigger throttle, I had to get my finger off and around the throttle and to the brake (hard to explain and sounds easier) but now I can brake instantly.

I personally have my throttle and display so far to the left that I can't fold the handlebars. I never need to. Others may be comfortable with the thumb throttle closer to the grip, but I needed it as far as it could be ergonomically perfect.

Glen MacDonald
Love the thumb throttle!

The action on the thumb throttle is buttery smooth and the LCD display is easy to read and easy to use. I have nothing but good things to say about VORO MOTORS. Their customer service is stunningly good, and the quality of the products is rock-solid.

Kevin T.
The thumb throttle is the

The thumb throttle is the best imho. I bought the twist throttle and the scooter of course came with the finger throttle. After trying all three I chose the thumb throttle as it is the easiest to use I think. Comfortable enough. I’m wondering what a trigger throttle might feel like? I might mod one of the other ones for fun. But you can’t go wrong with the thumb throttle.

Matthew M.
I like the thumb throttle

I like the thumb throttle better than the finger throttle, it is more controllable.

Clifton A.
Great service. Awesome scooter!

Great service. Awesome scooter!