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Save up to 22% buying certified refurbished electric scooters from VoroMotors (VORO). Here’s how it works, and our top three reasons why it’s a smart way to shop.

Ever bought something that just didn’t fit?

Maybe the scooter was too fast for you or had a couple scratches but no matter the reason, we’ve received returns.

We sort through these, and put some open-box models through a rigorous certification and refurbishment process, so we can sell for up to $700 off our original price — no coupon code needed!

Here’s why you should buy certified refurbished electric scooters from us.

Man riding Dualtron Storm electric scooter, front wheel off the pavement

#1 Save between $200 and $700 on Dualtron, EMOVE and Kaabo electric scooters

We sell some of the sickest, fastest electric scooters in the world, and offer some of those for less money.

For example, you can purchase the Dualtron Thunder for 19% less by selecting a refurbished model.

That’s 52 mph top speed in a 95 lb package for about $700 less than a brand new Thunder.

Certified refurbished electric scooters are most often returned because customers received models that took minor cosmetic damage during shipping, like scratches on the body, or other bodily damage, like the headlight getting knocked off the stem.

Sometimes the customer realizes the scooter is bigger or heavier than they expected and it just doesn’t work for their lifestyle.

Their loss can be your gain, as we currently have a large inventory of refurbished electric scooters ready for purchase.

Man boxing up electric scooter with foam

They’ve been tested, certified, and repacked with new parts -- including two of our fastest and most popular models: the Kaabo Wolf King and Dualtron Storm.

Here’s a breakdown of exactly how much you’re saving when you buy refurbished, with the biggest savings first: 

#2 Expect high quality production value and brand new accessories

Another reason why you should save and buy certified refurbished is that you’re getting high quality, high performance machines from the best electric scooter brands in the market... for less.

Technician physically checking electric scooter on a lift during refurbishment process

The main difference between certified refurbished and new models is that they’ve gone through an extensive quality inspection and test riding process with our technicians twice: once before going to the original owner and again before being delivered to you.

If the fender was broken, we replace it; if the headlight wasn’t working, we fix it. It’s that simple.

With refurbished, you might get a model with scratches here and there, but internally these e-scooters are flawless.

And forget about used accessories. With each refurbished electric scooter, we provide new accessories, including new charger(s), new toolkits and brand new boxes.

Everything about the scooter will feel new, except the price. The price is a steal.

Dualtron Storm electric scooter, full view

#3 Entrust your scooter’s care to us with our 6 month warranty

Not only do we ensure that refurbished electric scooters are in good working condition before they leave VORO headquarters, we also back them with our standard 6 month warranty.

Although we do not accept returns of refurbished scooters, our warranty covers manufacturer defects of the main components for 6 months, including the motors, battery, motor controller, voltmeter, and LCD display.

We’ve also got all the parts and accessories you should need to service or upgrade our electric scooters, so it’s a one-stop shopping experience.

Along with one of the largest online libraries of electric scooter tutorial videos, we’ve got you covered.

Screenshot of VoroMotors Youtube channel homepage

If your scooter stops working, we’re here to walk you through how to complete a warranty claim and get your scooter back up and running.

We can provide DIY technical guidance or have our professional technicians perform repairs for you.

Electric scooters are a great way to explore your city, and they make even better gifts, so don’t miss your chance to buy these high performance electric scooters at reduced prices.

Shop VORO Certified Refurbished Electric Scooters

p.s. Some of these scooters are so perfect that you won't be able to tell they are refurbished. Why not check them out yourself?

NOTE: A Kaabo Mantis Pro SE was being inspected by the QA team at the time of filming. It's an awesome scooter, but we don't have any refurb Mantis Pro SE electric scooters at this time.

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