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Freeload Speed for BLDC Hub Motor (Used in EMOVE Cruisers) - 82km/hr++
Freeload Speed for ERT - 74km/hr++
Current Regulations for Big Wheels Scooters in Singapore

Following criteria for all bicycles and PMDs which are used on public paths:

  1. Maximum width of 700mm;

  2. Maximum unladen weight of 20 kg;

  3. Maximum device speed of 25km/h (for motorised devices only).

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For EMOVE scooters, you are able to adjust your speed to comply with LTA regulations, for lots of users, they want the battery capacity but they do not want the high speed. If you are one of these users, you are IN for a treat!

1. Press both (Power and Mode) button

2. Press mode button and get to P8

3. Press power button to enter the setting

4. Press power button again to reduce the speed (Numbers shown on display are in percentage %)

Set your speed according to how fast you would like to go.

E.g. If you set it to 25%, your scooter can achieve around 25km/hr


Speed Mode 3 (Max Speed around 25km/hr)

Speed Mode 1( Max Speed around 6-7km/hr)


No matter what speed you are on, if you capped the max speed setting to 25%, the highest you can go is 25km/hour.



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