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Let's touch on the most important point. This animal boast a huge battery capacity of 26AH / 30.5AH.

After using it for a month on a daily basis, I'd only charge this baby twice. TWICE!

Generally, I only use it to travel around my neighbourhood. Out for lunch, out for dinner, get groceries etc. 

The scooter is able to overcome all kinds of terrains - Hills, swamp, roads, grasslands, you name it.

The single longest distance we have seen a Futecher covered - 138km!!!



We are only using Minimotors, not ERT motor. We used to distribute both motors, however, ERT is noisy and cause lots of technical issues, we decided to discontinue ERT motor products. 
ERT is slower than Minimotors.
Freeload Speed for Minimotors - 82km/hr++
Freeload speed for ERT - 74km/hr++
Charging Guide
Standard charging time for 26AH Futecher will be around 11-12 hours due to the large battery capacity. 30.5AH will be slightly longer at 13-14 hours. 
We would highly recommend users to practise safe-charging technique. 
Giving the scooter micro-charges (1-2hours per charge), instead of draining it fully and charge it again. This is to prevent dangerous accidental overcharging.
Freeload Speed for Minimotors - 82km/hr++
Freeload speed for ERT - 74km/hr++
Pickup speed 0-25km/hr at Speed Mode 3 within 1 second.
Higher Speed Mode = Higher Pickup Speed
Climbing Gradient
Futecher has no problem going 35 degrees, that means you don't have to worry. Most slopes in Singapore are around 10-15 degrees steep.


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