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Follow along to assemble and install a steering damper kit designed for the Kaabo Wolf Warrior, Wolf King and Wolf King GT.

If you’ve ever ridden at over 35 mph, you’ve probably felt speed wobble.

Steering dampers help stabilize the frontend at high speeds and absorb some of the impact, allowing you more control over your high performance electric scooter.

In this demo, we’ll walk you through how to install this steering damper on a Wolf Warrior.

Steering Damper Compatibility

This damper kit is compatible with the Wolf King and Wolf King GT as well, but is too large to be used with the Wolf Warrior X Pro or Mantis Pro SE.

However, we do have a steering damper designed for the Mantis, along with an installation video.

Steering Damper Kit Parts and Tools 

In the steering damper kit, you’ll find the following parts:

  • Damper with adjuster knob (1)
  • Securing ring with screw (1)
  • Fin-shaped clamp (1) and small half circle clamp (1)
  • Center clamp (1) and large half circle clamp (1)
  • M8 x 40 mm screw (1)
  • M8 x 30 mm screw (1)
  • M5 x 14 mm screws (4)
  • 8 mm lock nuts (2)
  • 5 mm lock nuts (4)
  • Slanted washer (1)

Steering damper kit parts

You’ll need a 4 mm Allen key, 6 mm Allen key, and a wrench to complete this project.

Let's start by assembling the steering damper.

How to Assemble the Steering Damper

  1. Place the securing ring towards the far end of the damper where the steering rod comes out.
  2. Hand tighten the screw to hold the ring in place. You will fully tighten this piece when it's in its final position.
  3. Attach the center clamp to the securing ring using the M8 x 40 mm screw, 8 mm lock nut, and slanted washer.
  4. Start by threading the screw through the center clamp, then slide the slanted washer onto the screw.
  5. Thread the screw through the hole on the securing ring, and tighten into place with the lock nut.
  6. Next, attach the fin-shaped clamp to the steering rod using the M8 x 30 mm screw and 8 mm lock nut.
  7. Position the fin-shaped clamp so the curves of both clamps are on the same side of the steering damper and facing the same direction.
  8. Thread the screw through the fin-shaped clamp, then through the hole at the end of the steering rod, and tighten into place with the lock nut.

When you're done, the assembled steering damper will look like this.

Steering damper assembled

How to Attach the Steering Damper

The steering damper limits your electric scooter’s lateral range of motion.

Make sure that the clamps match up with the mounting points on your scooter, and that the damper fits, allowing the stem to be centered and turned in either direction.

  1. Start by positioning the center clamp at the top of the rotary head. Extend the steering rod fully, and adjust the position of the center clamp as needed for the damper to suitably fit your model. Make sure you can turn the handlebars in either direction.
  2. Using the large half circle clamp, M5 x 14 mm screws (2) and 5 mm lock nuts (2), attach the center clamp to the rotary head, threading the screws through the center clamp towards the deck and securing with the lock nuts.
  3. When positioning the fin-shaped clamp on the suspension tube, make sure that it doesn’t interfere or make contact with any other parts of the scooter when turning the handlebars side to side. The fin-shaped clamp will be slightly higher on the scooter than the center clamp.
  4. Using the small half circle clamp (1), M5 x 14 mm screws (2) and 5 mm lock nuts (2), secure the fin-shaped clamp to the suspension tube. Thread the screws through the clamp and secure with the lock nuts.
  5. Make sure you still have full range of motion by rotating the handlebars left and right, and make any necessary adjustments to get the preferred position and resistance.
  6. Check and tighten all screws once you have the damper well positioned.

Steering damper attached to Kaabo Wolf Warrior electric scooter, cropped angle

Adjusting Resistance on the Steering Damper

Now that your damper is installed, you can start riding with it.

When riding, try steering left and right to see how much resistance the damper gives and feel out if you want more or less.

You can set the damper to provide more or less resistance by turning the adjuster knob.

To increase resistance, turn the knob clockwise. To reduce resistance, turn the knob counterclockwise.

If you’ve got a Kaabo and want more DIY tutorials, browse our YouTube channel for more installations and repairs.

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