December 09, 2021 2 min read

We’ve held off on upping prices for as long as we could, but want to serve you better. Here’s why we’re increasing the price of the EMOVE Cruiser, Mantis Pro SE, and EMOVE RoadRunner, starting December 13th. (Post updated 12/23/21.)

Here’s What’s Changing

The prices are changing for only three of the electric scooters that we offer.

EMOVE Cruiser: stays at $1399 price goes up to $1499

Our flagship and most popular electric scooter, the EMOVE Cruiser with 62-mile range, will stay at $1399. It's the best value for performance that we offer, and we decided to keep it at $1399 for our riders.

EMOVE Cruiser price graphic

EMOVE RoadRunner: price goes up to $1895

Our 30 mph seated electric scooter, the EMOVE RoadRunner, is also a fan favorite, and will be increasing from $1499 to $1895. 

EMOVE RoadRunner price graphic

Kaabo Mantis Pro SE 2022: prices go up to $1895 (18.2 Ah) and $2395 (24 Ah)

The sleek, nimble 45 mph Mantis Pro SE 2022 model comes in two battery capacities.

The 60V 18.2 Ah offers 40 miles of range and will increase from $1799 to $1895.

Mantis Pro SE pricing graphic 18.2

The 24 Ah gets 45 miles of range and will increase from $2299 to $2395. 

Mantis Pro SE pricing graphic - 24

Here’s Why It’s Necessary

#1 Improving products and services

Our riders are our first priority, and to offer you the best, most innovative electric scooters, we’ve increased the prices of just three of our models.

With that added boost, we’ll better be able to adapt, continue to grow, and develop better products.

Through the fall, we’ve implemented more ways for you to shop with us, including a new store in Brooklyn, Virtual Tour for 30-minute sessions with our team, more financing options, and an exclusive membership for our Dualtron riders.

With that growth, we’ve continued to add new members to the VORO team at our locations, and will use these additional funds to refine and develop more services.

#2 Materials are expensive and in short supply

The immense impact of the pandemic on the supply chain is still very heavy, and material costs trickle down all the way from the top.

The cost of lithium-ion batteries, which are used in all electronics from smartphones and remotes to electric scooters and vehicles, take time to produce and are becoming more expensive, as supplies dwindle.

#3 Shipping prices are still going up

A shortage of shipping containers keeps larger and more products from making their way to warehouses and store shelves.

According to a New York-based toymaker, “freight costs six or seven times what it did a year ago” so companies need to prioritize the products that their customers want.

We're here to answer any questions you have, and hope you're able to take advantage of this announcement ahead of the holiday rush.

Avoid waiting until mid-December to order, when shipping rates and times will increase. Get these models at their current prices before they go up on December 13th.

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