100/55 R6.5" B Stradale PMT Tires

The 100/55 R6.5" B Stradale PMT Tires are some the highest quality electric scooter tires manufactured designed, and developed in Italy for competition. These PMT road tires have an urban tread pattern, are 100mm wide and have a 65 shore A hardness compound. Install these performance tires for a premium riding experience.

The 100/55 R6.5" B Stradale PMT Tires are designed for high performance and handling on both dry and wet roads which makes them suitable for everyday use and high speed riding. The urban street style tread provides a reduced risk of hydroplaning, pushing water outwards and away, which adds an additional point in terms of safety. Don't let a little rain scare ya when these PMT Tires have you covered!

The PMT (performance) technology used in these tires provides enhanced traction and stability, which improves the handling and overall riding experience. In turn, you can corner like a boss! Additionally, these tires are recognized for their exceptional tread life, guaranteeing that you receive maximum value for your investment in PMT Tires.

Note: Sold as a single tire.

Tire Specifications 
Type: 6,5" Minibike
Tire width: 100 mm
Hardness compound: 65 Shore A
Pressure: 1.4-1.9 bar
Tread pattern: Urban
Rim width: 66-72 mm
Outer diameter: 275 mm

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