Student and Teacher Discount

Student and Teacher Discount

This promotion for Students and Educators is valid for any new electric scooter (Last updated 6/7/22).

Students and Teachers are often on a budget, and electric scooters are perfect for cruising to, from and on campus. As a cleaner way to get around than gas-powered vehicles, like rideshares and public transportation, you’ll no longer have to search for parking, pay for parking, or wait for the bus/tram/etc to arrive. Ride right to class, lock up outside or roll it in. Have back-to-back classes across campus? Ride instead of walk, and get there with time to spare. With an electric scooter, you command your commute!

This discount applies to students and teachers in all levels of education.  

Use the portal to verify employment as a student/teacher and receive a unique 7% discount code. You will be redirected to portal. Sign up for an account if you don't have one, and verify your identity on the portal for free. If you already have an account, sign in and you will receive your discount code. After verifying, if you have any issues with acquiring your discount code, please do reach out to us.

Note: You cannot combine this offer with any other promotions and cannot use this offer more than once.

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