Warranty & Returns FAQ

Common Questions About Warranty

What warranty coverage is provided by VoroMotors?

All new EMOVE and electric scooters purchased through VORO come with a standard one (1) year limited warranty. Electric scooters marked as discounted may or may not come with a shorter term 6-month warranty. The warranty for the product is stated on its purchase page. 

For more information on the VORO warranty policy, please readWarranty Policy.

Can I purchase an extended warranty for my electric scooter?

No, we do not have any extended warranty programs available in Australia at this time. 

If the problem I’m experiencing isn’t covered by the warranty, what can I do?

If you would like to repair your electric scooter or have us repair it for you, we can help. We have spare parts andvideo tutorials on YouTube to guide you through maintenance and fixes or ourtechnicians can do it for you

When my scooter arrived, it had lots of cosmetic damage. Is that covered by the warranty?

If your electric scooter has cosmetic damage when you first receive it, you can refuse the package and request a return to us. In this case, there will be no fee or charge and we can do a one-to-one exchange for the same model. Reach out to our support team using the 24/7 live chat or email us atsupport@voromotors.com

What is the claim process for a warranty return or exchange?

If your electric scooter is under warranty and you would like to make a claim, email a warranty claim to us atsupport@voromotors.com. In the claim, include a copy of your receipt, order number, and supporting evidence (photos, videos) describing the issues that resulted in your return. 

Once our team has reviewed and assessed your issue, they will attempt to diagnose it with you. If the troubleshooting process proves unsuccessful, we will provide an RMA number and prepaid shipping label, so you can return your electric scooter to our facility for repair or replacement. 

After the RMA has been issued, you must ship the unit back within seven days. 

When we receive it at our facility, we will inspect and determine the course of action, and this process usually takes 10-14 business days. If the technicians determine that there are no manufacturing defects found, the customer will be responsible for repair costs and return shipping fees. 

If you make a warranty claim within the first 30 days of ownership, the cost of parts, repairs and shipping in both directions are covered by the warranty. If the claim is made after the first 30 days, these costs are the responsibility of the customer. 

I received this as a gift, how do I claim warranty?

To claim the warranty when you received a VORO electric scooter as a gift, you will need to obtain a proof of receipt from the gift giver. On our end, we’ll do our best to locate the purchase and grant you the warranty benefits. 

What if I cannot find my proof of purchase?

In order to make a warranty claim, you  must have a proof of purchase. If you cannot locate your copy, contact us directly with the order information that you have. 

What do I need to file a warranty claim? 

For warranty claims, you should have your proof of purchase or order ID, the serial number of the electric scooter, pictures and or videos of the damage or issue for which you are making the claim, a description of the issue, and your contact information (name, phone number, email address, and shipping address). 

Does the warranty cover water damage?

No water damage is not covered by the VORO warranty nor is it covered by most manufacturers of electronic products. If you happen to get your electric scooter wet, you should dry it out and inspect for water damage. Doing so will help prevent voiding the warranty. Although some electric scooters come with a water resistance or IP rating, that does not make them waterproof nor does that mean they should be used in wet environments.

Common Questions About Returns, Exchanges and Refunds

Can I return my scooter or get a refund?

Yes, in some conditions we accept returns, refunds and even exchanges for electric scooters. 

Please review our return and exchange policyhere

For returns, do I get all my money back?

In general for returns, you will get 80-85% as a refund but fees will apply.Here is our return and exchange policy. If the electric scooter is dead on arrival  or if there is a manufacturer defect upon receipt, you will be charged restocking and other fees. Please review our policy for more details and to find out how to submit a claim.

Can I cancel my order and get a full refund?

If we have not yet shipped your order, you can get a full refund and do not need to provide a reason. To do so, please reach out to our support team atsupport@voromotors.com. After your order has shipped, your order is subject to our return and exchange policy. 

If I cancel my order, when do I get a refund? 

You will receive a refund in one business day once the cancellation process is complete. The funds will typically be processed and returned to your account within five to seven business days. The duration will depend on your bank.